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Asymmetric dimethylarginine as an independent risk marker for mortality in ambulatory patients with peripheral arterial disease
Abstract.  Böger RH, Endres HG, Schwedhelm E, Darius H, Atzler D, Lüneburg N, von Stritzky B, Maas R, Thiem U, Benndorf RA, Diehm C (Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, UniversityExpand
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Zur Problematik von Akupunkturstudien am Beispiel der Methodik von gerac
ZusammenfassungFragestellungWidersprüchliche Studienaussagen zur Wirksamkeit von Körperakupunktur bei Schmerzen werden oft auf methodische Mängel zurückgeführt. Das hier vorgestellte StudiendesignExpand
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Comparison of D2O and ethanol dilutions in total body water measurements in humans
Total body water was measured by ethanol dilution and D2O stable isotope dilution in a group of 20 healthy volunteers (5 females and 15 males), predominantly 23- to 31-year-old students. BothExpand
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Lack of pharmacokinetic interaction between dextromethorphan, coumarin and mephenytoin in man after simultaneous administration.
The possible interference of simultaneously given dextromethorphan (10 mg dextromethorphan-HBr-H2O), coumarin (10 mg), and mephenytoin (100 mg (R/S)-mephenytoin) on oxidative routes of drugExpand
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Electrocrystallization and Structures of Perylene Radical Salts: Hexaperylene Perchlorate, (Cz.HIl)iCIO" Triperylene Percblorate, (Cz.HIl)tCIO" and Diperylene Hexaftuorophospbate-Tetrahydrofuran
Crystals grown by electrocrystalliz ation, species obtained depending on perylene concentration. Room-temperatur e data coll ect ions, Mo Kat A. = 0·71069 A. 6: 1 salt: Mr = 1613 ·3, tri clinic. pT,Expand
[The alcohol method for determining total body water: comparison with heavy water (D2O)].
The determination of Total Body Water (TBW) by means of even dilution of the perorally administered indicator substance ethanol in the TBW-space is successful with a precision which is in directExpand