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Subchronic toxicity studies of N-D-ornithyl amphotericin B methyl ester in dogs and rats.
Two subchronic studies were conducted to assess the potential toxicity of N-D-ornithyl amphotericin B methyl ester (OAME). In both studies the comparative control substance was amphotericin B (AMB).Expand
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Effects of thyroxine on cortical bone remodeling in adult dogs: a histomorphometric study.
The effects of thyroxine on cortical bone remodeling were studied under conditions of normal and accelerated remodeling induced by surgical elevation of the periosteum. Six adult female beagle dogsExpand
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Chemically induced (streptozotocin-alloxan) diabetes mellitus in the dog. Biochemical and ultrastructural studies.
Adult beagle dogs were infused intravenously with alloxan (50 mg/kg) and streptozotocin (30 mg/kg) in order to investigate sequential changes in plasma glucose, insulin, glucagon, and cortisol. TheseExpand
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A pharmacokinetic study of ethanol inhibition of micronuclei induction by urethane in mouse bone marrow erythrocytes.
Urethane (ethyl carbamate) is a genotoxic carcinogen in fermented products and alcoholic beverages. The genotoxicity of urethane requires metabolic activation. Metabolism of urethane is mediated byExpand
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Urinary and plasma hydroxyproline during pregnancy, parturition and lactation in cows with parturient hypocalcemia.
Abstract The urinary excretion and plasma concentration of total hydroxyproline were evaluated in cows which developed a syndrome of several hypocalcemia and paresis near parturition and compared toExpand
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Experimental parturient hypocalcemia in cows following prepartal chemical inhibition of bone resportion.
Cows fed a balanced diet with the required amounts of calcium and phosphorus developed acute hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia shortly after parturition, even in the presence of the a responsiveExpand
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Ultimobranchial thyroid neoplasms in bulls. A syndrome resembling medullary thyroid carcinoma in man
A syndrome of ultimobranchial thyroid neoplasms which shares many similarities with medullary thyroid carcinoma in man occurs frequently in populations of adult bulls. The results of thisExpand
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