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A new species of Centaurea L. (Cardueae: Asteraceae) from Turkey
A new species of Centaurea L., C. kizildaghensis (Cardueae: Asteraceae), is described and illustrated from south Anatolia, and is closely related to C.drabifolioides Hub.-Mor.
Essential Oils of Sideritis Species of Turkey Belonging to the Section Empedoclia
The paper summarizes the work done on the essential oil content and composition of fifty Sideritis species of Turkey belonging to the section Empedoclia. The water-distilled oils were analyzed by
A New Record for the Flora of Turkey
The species was identified using the collected specimens and Flora Palaestina and the distribution of the species was given.
Antioxidant Activity Studies on Selected Sideritis. Species Native to Turkey
The antioxidant activities of the lyophilized extracts obtained from aerial parts of 17 species of Sideritis were compared, of which 15 taxa were endemic and showed a strong antioxidant activity with the DPPH test.
Two new Achillea L. (Asteraceae) species from Turkey
Two new Achillea species, A. adenii grows at Babadag in Mugla Province (southwestern Anatolia), and A. baltai grows at Aladaglar in Nigde Province, are described and illustrated as new species.
New taxa from South Anatolia I.
Complex evolutionary relationships in Origanum section Majorana (Lamiaceae)
Both sequence and microsatellite analyses provided evidence for recent hybridization between O.‬syriacum and a third, unknown, Origanum species, and phylogenetic relationships and species boundaries amongst its four taxa are unclear.
Composition of the essential oils of Zosima absinthifolia (Vent.) Link and Ferula elaeochytris Korovin from Turkey
The hydrodistilled essential oils from dried fruits of Zosima absinthifolia and Ferula elaeochytris were analysed by GC – MS. Sixteen components, representing 95.8% of the oil in Zosima
Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae): a new genus record for Turkey
Acalypha australis (Euphorbiaceae), a species of East Asia, has been recently discovered in Turkey and recorded as a new alien genus for the flora of Turkey.