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The Actual Plate Kinematic and Crustal Deformation Model APKIM2005 as Basis for a Non-Rotating ITRF
A present-day plate kinematic and crustal deformation model is needed as a reference system for station velocities in the ITRF. The common rotation of all points of the Earth surface has to becomeExpand
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Definition and Proposed Realization of the International Height Reference System (IHRS)
The International Association of Geodesy, taking care of providing a precise geodesetic infrastructure for monitoring the Earth system, promotes the implementation of an integrated global geodetic reference frame that provides a reliable frame for consistent analysis and modelling of global phenomena and processes affecting the Earth’s gravity field. Expand
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Crustal deformation and surface kinematics after the 2010 earthquakes in Latin America
Strong earthquakes cause large changes in the station positions and velocities of the geodetic reference stations; i.e., the global ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Frame) and its regionalExpand
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The 2009 Horizontal Velocity Field for South America and the Caribbean
Station velocities derived from space geodetic measurements in Central and South America were processed by the finite element method using a geophysical model and by a least squares collocationExpand
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The terrestrial reference frame and the dynamic Earth
As early as the 15th century Swedes noticed that rocks in their harbors were slowly rising out of the sea [Ekman, 1991]. These local observations were not sufficient to distinguish whether the rocksExpand
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Science rationale of the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS)
Geodesy is the science of measuring and mapping the Earth including the associated variations with time. The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) as the “flagship” of the International AssociationExpand
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A geodetic approach for the recovery of global kinematic plate parameters
Modern techniques of precise geodetic positioning are capable of monitoring global tectonic movements. We can avoid the tremendous effort of observing those point motions at every place on the earth,Expand
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Geodetic Reference Frames
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