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Vibration-Based Condition Monitoring
Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring a condition parameter in machinery, so that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. Expand
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Investigation of the Prediction of Losses in Radial Vaneless Diffusers
The non-dimensional width B and the inlet flow angle αi are the important parameters influencing the losses and the stability of radial vaneless diffusers. Their effects on diffuser losses areExpand
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The flow of an Oldroyd-B fluid past a cylinder in a channel: adaptive viscosity vorticity (DAVSS-ω) formulation
Abstract A parallel unstructured finite volume method (FVM) is developed and implemented under a distributed computing environment through the parallel virtual machine (PVM) libraries, and is used toExpand
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Negative wake in the uniform flow past a cylinder
The upstream/downstream streamline shift and the associated negative wake generation (streamwise velocity overshoot in the wake) in a viscoelastic flow past a cylinder are studied in this paper, forExpand
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Mechanism of flow instability and transition to turbulence
Abstract In this paper, a new mechanism of flow instability and turbulence transition is proposed for wall bounded shear flows. It is stated that the total energy gradient in the transverse directionExpand
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Simulations of unsteady cavitating turbulent flow in a Francis turbine using the RANS method and the improved mixture model of two-phase flows
This paper reports the simulation results for the unsteady cavitating turbulent flow in a Francis turbine using the mixture model for cavity–liquid two-phase flows. Expand
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Critical Condition for Flow Transition in a Full- Developed Annulus Flow
Axial flow in an annulus between two concentric cylinders is commonly seen in various flow devices used in chemical processing industries and petroleum science and engineering. The flow state in theExpand
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Criteria of negative wake generation behind a cylinder
It was demonstrated by simulation in our previous study that both the normal stress and its gradient are responsible for the negative wake generation (overshoot in the axial velocity) and streamlineExpand
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Analysis of the Flow in Vaneless Diffusers With Large Width-to-Radius Ratios
The flow in vaneless diffusers with large width-to-radius ratios is analyzed by using three-dimensional boundary-layer theory. The variations of the wall shear angle in the layer and the separationExpand
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Energy loss distribution in the plane Couette flow and the Taylor–Couette flow between concentric rotating cylinders
Abstract The distribution of energy loss due to viscosity friction in plane Couette flow and Taylor–Couette flow between concentric rotating cylinders are studied in detail for various flowExpand
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