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Native starch in tablet formulations: Properties on compaction
Maize, potato, rice and tapioca (cassava) starch were evaluated with respect to their properties on direct compression. Rice starch showed much better compactibility as compared to maize, potato andExpand
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The antimicrobial activity of gentian violet and brilliant green was tested against various strains of potential skin pathogens, by means of agar diffusion assay. The activity of both compounds wasExpand
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Bacteriostatic activity of some coumarin derivatives
Abstract The bacteriostatic effect of some mono- and dihydroxy-coumarins and isopropyldihydrofuranocoumarins have been examined and compared with other simple phenols. Most of the coumarins proved toExpand
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Stability and in vitro activity of nystatin and its γ-cyclodextrin complex against Candida albicans
Abstract γ-Cyclodextrin (γ-CD) was found to form an inclusion complex with nystatin. In the presence of γ-CD, cells of Candida albicans absorbed less nystatin than in its absence. The γ-CD/nystatinExpand
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Interactions between Cyclodextrins and Some Antimycotic Imidazole Derivatives: Studies on Solubility and Antimicrobial Activity
The interaction between four cyclodextrins (α-, β -, dimethyl- β-, and hydroxypropyl- β-cyclodextrin with four antimycotic imidazole derivatives (bifonazol, clotrimazol, miconazol, and tioconazol)Expand
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Synthesis, physical properties and microbiological activities of more water soluble silver sulfadiazine derivatives
In this study the preparation of five hydrophilic derivatives of sulfadiazine is reported. The common structural element in the compounds is the 2-sulfonamidopyrimidine moiety. Three of theseExpand
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Microbial contamination of a vitamin A formulation, prepared in local pharmacies, and its preservation against yeasts and moulds
The microbial contamination of 44 samples of a vitamin A preparation in sucrose syrup was investigated. The contaminants were almost exclusively yeasts and moulds. Microbiological and physicochemicalExpand
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A Semi-Portable Apparatus for the Measurement of Perceptual Motor Load
A device is described which makes it possible to record the intervals produced by a subject in a method for measuring perceptual motor load. Expand
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The quantitative determination of enterobacteriaceae in pharmaceutical preparations
Abstract In the Dutch Pharmacopoeia a method is given for the quantitative determination of Enterobacteriaceae. The method includes a resuscitation step. The necessity for this resuscitation isExpand
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Liquid modification of Baird-Parker's medium for the selective enrichment of Staphylococcus aureus
A liquid modification of Baird-Parker's medium is suggested for the detection of low (<20/g) numbers of Staphylococcus aureus. Model experiments showed that the medium had an acceptable level ofExpand
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