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A Three-Dimensional Model of the Myoglobin Molecule Obtained by X-Ray Analysis
Myoglobin is a typical globular protein, and is found in many animal cells. Like hæmoglobin, it combines reversibly with molecular oxygen; but whereas the role of hæmoglobin is to transport oxygen inExpand
Molecular determinants of immunogenicity: the immunon model of immune response.
The immunological response in vivo to a series of size-fractionated linear polymers of acrylamide substituted with hapten has been measured in mice. A sharp threshold was observed in immunogenicExpand
Allergenicity and antigenicity of chicken egg ovomucoid (Gal d III) compared with ovalbumin (Gal d I) in children with egg allergy and in mice.
When attempting to generate mouse monoclonal antibodies to hen's egg ovalbumin, injection of commercially purified ovalbumin resulted in monoclonal antibodies, which when assayed against commerciallyExpand
The immunogenicity of soluble haptenated polymers is determined by molecular mass and hapten valence.
T cell-independent Ag are believed to stimulate antibody formation in the relative absence of Ag processing and T cell help. Previous studies on the type 2 T cell independent (TI-2) AgExpand
Picogram quantities of anti-Ig antibodies coupled to dextran induce B cell proliferation.
To investigate the properties which enable type 2 Ag, as exemplified by dextran and Ficoll, to stimulate high levels of antibody responses in the relative absence of T cells, we conjugated anti-IgDExpand
Studies on the immunogenicity and tolerogenicity of T-independent antigens.
The T-cell independent immunological responses of naive mice to a series of size-fractionated dinitrophenylpolyacrylamide molecules were measured. These responses were correlated in vitro and in vivoExpand
Assembly of the peptide chains of hemoglobin.
  • H. Dintzis
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 March 1961
Cyanogen bromide fragments of human serum albumin.
Abstract CNBr cleaves nonreduced human serum albumin into three large fragments, A, B, and C, which account for the total amino acid composition of albumin. Reduction and carboxamidomethylation ofExpand
Sequential biosynthesis of the peptide chains of hemoglobin.
  • M. Naughton, H. Dintzis
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 15 October 1962
I Fischer, G. A., Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci., 76, 673 (1957). 4Moorhead, P. S., unpublished results. 5 Billingham, R. E., in Transplantation of Tissues and Cells, ed. R. E. Billingham and W. S. SilversExpand