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Synthesis and characterization of two lead-containing metal chalcogenides: Ba5Pb2Sn3S13 and Ba6PbSn3Se13
Abstract Two new metal chalcogenides, Ba5Pb2Sn3S13 (BPSS) and Ba6PbSn3Se13 (BPSSe), were successfully synthesized in vacuum–sealed silica tubes for the first time. Both of them are isostructural andExpand
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Investigation of the ground state of the anisotropic extended Hubbard chain at weak coupling
Abstract We study a one-dimensional anisotropic extended Hubbard model, where the inter-site density ( V ) and exchange ( J ) interactions are spin-dependent. Use of bosonization and renormalizationExpand
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NaCa4V5O17 with isolated V2O7 dimer and V3O10 trimer exhibiting a large birefringence
Abstract A new NaCa4V5O17 compound has been synthesized by the solid-state method. It crystallizes in the triclinic space group P 1 with unit cell parameters a = 6.9379(6) A, b = 6.9523(6) A, c =Expand
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Insulating phases of the one-dimensional t-J model with nearest-neighbor repulsive interaction
Abstract. Using the deformed Hubbard operator approach, we analytically study weak-coupling phase diagram of the one-dimensional t-J-V model at half filling. In the case of small deformed parameterExpand
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Superconducting phases in a generalized Hubbard chain with additional off-diagonal hopping processes
Applying the bosonization and renormalization group techniques, we study a generalized Hubbard chain incorporating extra off-diagonal hopping processes in the weak regime, and determine richExpand
Influence of the modulated hopping on the one-dimensional interacting electron system
Abstract By introducing a modulation parameter ( ξ ), we study the one-dimensional correlated system with modulated hopping, on-site ( U ) and nearest-neighbor ( V ) repulsions in the weak-couplingExpand
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Phase transition in the one-dimensional pair-hopping model with unusual one-electron hopping
Abstract By modifying the conventional one-electron hopping behavior, we study effects of an occupation-dependent hopping on the ground state of the half-filled one-dimensional pair-hopping model. AtExpand
Tellurium–oxygen group enhanced birefringence in tellurium phosphates: a first-principles investigation
Phosphates possess a relatively large UV/DUV cutoff edge, but these compounds usually have very small birefringence. Recently the Te2P2O9 crystal was synthesized and its birefringence was reported toExpand
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Crystal structures and theoretical studies of polyphosphate LiZnP3O9 for nonlinear optical applications
Abstract Nonlinear optical materials have attracted worldwide attention owing to their wide range of applications, specially in the laser field. Phosphates with noncentrosymmetric structures areExpand
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Using the field theoretical bosonization and renormalization group techniques, we analytically study quantum phase diagram of a one-dimensional half-filled extended Hubbard model with on-site (U) andExpand
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