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Indicators for biodiversity in agricultural landscapes: a pan‐European study
Summary 1. In many European agricultural landscapes, species richness is declining considerably. Studies performed at a very large spatial scale are helpful in understanding the reasons for thisExpand
Automated Image Analysis of Annual Rings in the Roots of Perennial Forbs
  • G. Arx, H. Dietz
  • Biology
  • International Journal of Plant Sciences
  • 1 September 2005
An automated image analysis system (Root Xylem Analysis System [ROXAS]) is developed to improve the standardization and efficiency of conventional herb‐chronological analysis and may prove to be useful for efficient and reproduced analysis of annual growth increments in the roots of forbs and for investigations into their functional root anatomy. Expand
Strong below-ground competition shapes tree regeneration in invasive Cinnamomum verum forests.
The results for an infertile, phosphorus-poor ecosystem show that root competition by an alien species can exert a strong influence on forest regeneration, and suggest that this mechanism may be of general importance in nutrient-poor tropical forests invaded by alien tree species. Expand
Comparative analysis of growth rings in perennial forbs grown in an Alpine restoration experiment.
Results of the present study indicate that conclusions drawn from previous studies suggesting that growth rings in the roots of forb species are most likely formed annually are also valid for alpine plants. Expand
Responses of native and invasive Brassicaceae species to slug herbivory
It is suggested that tolerance of herbivory may be one of the characteristics of many successful invaders, and a high ability for compensation growth in invasive Brassicaceae species makes them more tolerant to slug damage than native congeners. Expand
Growth Increment Patterns in the Roots of Two Alpine Forbs Growing in the Center and at the Periphery of a Snowbank
The results suggest that effects of climatic fluctuations on plant growth can be amplified in snowbanks and that there may be favorable growth conditions initially at the periphery of a snowbank that are compensated for in the center of the snowbank, in the long run, by continuously low-competition growth conditions. Expand
Growth rings in the roots of temperate forbs are robust annual markers.
The results of this study demonstrate that the growth rings in the roots of northern temperate forbs represent robust annual growth increments and can reliably be used in herb-chronological studies of age- and growth-related questions in plant ecology. Expand
A cucumber mount for the preparation of histological sections of the small intestine of rodents.
  • H. Dietz
  • Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Versuchstierkunde
  • 1990
A method for orientation of formaldehyde-fixed intestinal tissue from mink puppies (Mustela vision) is described, with Embedding in paraplast facilitated thereby ensuring a correct orientation of the tissue. Expand
Device for producing wood chips.
Device for producing a sliver (10; 10?), essentially wedge-shaped wood, with a lifting tool chip (44-52) rotating about a first horizontal axis (46) for detaching chips (10; 10 ?) of wood, so thatExpand