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Global climatic anomalies associated with extremes in the Southern Oscillation
Abstract Composite temperature and precipitation anomalies during various stages of an event in the Southern Oscillation (SO) have been computed for several hundred stations across the globe. LargeExpand
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This paper provides an overview of climatic changes that have been observed during the past century at certain high-elevation sites, and changes in a more distant past documented by a variety ofExpand
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Urbanization: Its Detection and Effect in the United States Climate Record
Abstract Several equations were developed that related the effect of urban growth, measured by increasing population, to the mean seasonal and annual temperature: the diurnal maximum, minimum,Expand
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North–South Precipitation Patterns in Western North America on Interannual-to-Decadal Timescales
The overall amount of precipitation deposited along the West Coast and western cordillera of North America from 258 to 558N varies from year to year, and superimposed on this domain-averageExpand
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ENSO variability, teleconnections and climate change
An overview is presented of the principal features of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) teleconnections in terms of regional patterns of surface temperature, precipitation and mid-troposphericExpand
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Evidence for Intensification of North Pacific Winter Cyclones since 1948
Abstract Using NCEP–NCAR reanalysis and in situ data, evidence of important changes in the winter (December–March) cyclone climatology of the North Pacific Ocean over the past 50 years is found. TheExpand
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Was there a ‘medieval warm period’, and if so, where and when?
It has frequently been suggested that the period encompassing the ninth to the fourteenth centuries A.D. experienced a climate warmer than that prevailing around the turn of the twentieth century.Expand
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Global Characteristics of Stream Flow Seasonality and Variability
Monthly stream flow series from 1345 sites around the world are used to characterize geographic differences in the seasonality and year-to-year variability of stream flow. Stream flow seasonalityExpand
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Decadal Variability of Precipitation over Western North America
Abstract Decadal (>7- yr period) variations of precipitation over western North America account for 20%–50% of the variance of annual precipitation. Spatially, the decadal variability is broken intoExpand
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The Quality Control of Long-Term Climatological Data Using Objective Data Analysis
Abstract One of the major concerns with detecting global climate change is the quality of the data. Climate data are extremely sensitive to errant values and outliers. Prior to analysis of these timeExpand
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