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Digenean species diversity in teleost fishes from the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia (Western Mediterranean)
The Gulf of Gabes shows the lowest diversity linked to the anthropogenic activities and impact of exotic species, and the use of Digenea as indicators of the state of the ecosystem is discussed.
Oesophagotrema mediterranea n. gen., n. sp. (Platyhelminthes, Digenea, Zoogonidae), Parasite of the Needlefish Tylosurus acus imperialis (Beloniformes, Belonidae) from off Tunisia
Chaari M., Derbel H. & Neifar L. 2011. — Oesophagotrema mediterranea n. gen., n. sp. (Platyhelminthes, Digenea, Zoogonidae), parasite of the needlefish Tylosurus acus imperialis (Beloniformes,
Allopodocotyle tunisiensis sp. nov. (Digenea, Opecoelidae), a parasite of Solea aegyptiaca (Teleostei, Soleidae) off Tunisia
The new species belongs to the group C of Allopodocotyle Pritchard, 1966 species and differs from its congeners in this group by the shape of the seminal vesicle and the anterior extend of the vitellarium.
Redescription of Rhipidocotyle galeata (Rudolphi, 1819) (Digenea, Bucephalidae), the type species of Rhipidocotyle Diesing, 1907
The redescription of Rhipidocotyle galeata provides additional information about the position and the distribution of the vitelline follicles, which form an arc that does not extend anteriorly past the level of the ovary, an uterus that extends almost to the posterior margin of the rhynchus and an ovary that is positioned adjacent to the anterior testis.
Hypocreadium caputvadum sp. nov. (Digenea, Lepocreadiidae), an intestinal parasite of the grey triggerfish, Balistes capriscus (Teleostei, Balistidae) from the Gulf of Gabès, Mediterranean Sea
This new species can be distinguished by a combination of characteristics shared by no other described species of Hypocreadium Ozaki, 1936, including the presence of a distinct anterior notch, the follicular vitellarium confluent in the forebody and the size and the position of the cirrus-sac.
Axinoides euzeti n. sp. (Monogenea: Axinidae) from the gills of the needlefish Tylosurus acus imperialis (Rafinesque) (Belonidae) off Tunisia, with an updated list of hosts and localities for
A new axinid monogenean species, Axinoides euzeti n. sp. from the gills of the Mediterranean needlefish Tylosurus acus imperialis (Rafinesque) off the Tunisian coast is described. The new species is
Nudaciraxine imperium sp. n. (Monogenea: Axinidae) from the gills of Mediterranean needlefish Tylosurus acus imperialis (Teleostei: Belonidae).
The first report of the genus Nudaciraxine in the Mediterranean Sea is reported and the potential use of axinid monogeneans as biological tags for subspecies of belonid fishes is discussed.
First detailed data on metazoan parasites of the rare species short beaked garfish Belone svetovidovi (Teleostei: Belonidae) from Tunisian coast, Central Mediterranean Sea.
In the parasite fauna of B. svetovidovi, digenean C. pilodora metacercaria was the most prevalent species (42%) followed by Monogenea Axine sp.
Morphometrics and levels of infections of digeneans in belonid fish species off the coast of Tunisia
Three species of belonid fish caught off the eastern Tunisian coast were infected with eight species of Digenea, with new host records for B. svetovidovi and Tetrochetus coryphaenae and S. pacificus represent new host and geographical records.
Diversity of monogenean parasites in belonid fishes off the Mediterranean Sea with redescription of Aspinatrium gallieni Euzet and Ktari, 1971 and Axine belones Abildgaard, 1794
This paper enhances the current knowledge of Monogenea infecting belonids off the Mediterranean Sea by redescribing five monogenean parasites species founded infected belonid fishes from Tunisian coast and representing new host record for T. imperialis.