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Disposition of soy isoflavones in normal human breast tissue.
After intake of soy milk and soy supplements, isoflavones reach exposure levels in breast tissue at which potential health effects may occur, and 17beta-estradiol exposure was compared and investigated.
Shaping the breast in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery: an easy three-step principle.
A simple three-step philosophical and hands-on approach is proposed that will make it easier for young and unexperienced plastic surgeons to not only analyze the problematic breast but also come up with an easy surgical strategy to create reproducible results.
Different responses to preoperative chemotherapy for invasive lobular and invasive ductal breast carcinoma.
Clinical and pathological responses are lower in ILC compared to IDC, and patients with large ILC should preferably be offered mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction after PCT, but PCT still remains valuable to evaluate tumor response and biologic factors in vivo.
Microbial and dietary factors are associated with the equol producer phenotype in healthy postmenopausal women.
The daidzein metabolism by fecal cultures as screening assay was validated to identify equol producers without dietary intervention and indicated persons with a higher PUFA intake and alcohol intake were more likely to be strong Equol producers.
Soluble cadherins as cancer biomarkers
A better understanding of cadherin regulation in cancer progression will likely increase the awareness of the importance of the combinatorial signals that regulate tissue integrity and eventually result in the identification of new therapeutics targeting cadherins.
Metabolism of isoflavones, lignans and prenylflavonoids by intestinal bacteria: producer phenotyping and relation with intestinal community.
Interindividual variations in the bacterial activation of the different phytoestrogens were assessed and it was suggested that individuals could be separated into high, moderate and low O-DMA, equol, enterodiol (END), enterolactone (ENL) or 8-prenylnaringenin producers, but that the metabolism of isoflavones, lignans and prenylflavonoids follows separate, independent pathways.
Better cosmetic results and comparable quality of life after skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate autologous breast reconstruction compared to breast conservative treatment.
The cosmetic results, assessed by the clinical team, were significantly better for patients having IBR, compared to BCS, and breast conserving treatment or mastectomy with reconstruction may yield comparable results of QoL, but cosmetic outcome is better after SSM and perforator-flap reconstruction.
EMAS position statement: management of uterine fibroids.
The choice of treatment depends on fibroid size, the underlying symptoms and their severity and the woman's desire for subsequent fertility and pregnancy, as well as efficacy and need for repeated interventions.
EMAS position statement: The ten point guide to the integral management of menopausal health.
The position statement provides a short integral guide for all those involved in menopausal health that covers diagnosis, screening for diseases in later life, treatment and follow-up.
Human papillomavirus DNA detection in women with primary abnormal cytology of the cervix: prevalence and distribution of HPV genotypes
Objectives:  In this study, we focus on the prevalence and occurrence of different anogenital human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes in a first abnormal cervical screening test, and correlate HPV