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Decision Making within the Household
Existing research on household decision making is reviewed in terms of three questions: (1) Which family members are involved in economic decisions? (2) What is the nature of family decisionExpand
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Perception of Marital Roles in Decision Processes
Influence exerted by husbands and wives at different stages in the decision process was examined for 25 economic decisions in a convenience sample of Belgian households in which both spouses wereExpand
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Dimensions of Marital Roles in Consumer Decision Making
Researchers often make oversimplified assumptions about the structure of husband-wife roles in consumer decisions and the sufficiency of responses from one spouse. Questions about the dimensionalityExpand
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Purchasing Behavior in Embedded Markets
This article explores the concept of market embeddedness and its impact on purchasing behavior in a consumer market. Embeddedness exists when consumers derive utility from two sources simultaneously:Expand
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Anti-microbial activity and anti-complement activity of extracts obtained from selected Hawaiian medicinal plants.
Selected plants having a history of use in Polynesian traditional medicine for the treatment of infectious disease were investigated for anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity in vitro.Expand
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Increasing Rates of Cervical and Lumbar Spine Surgery in the United States, 1979–1990
Study Design Data from annual national surveys of hospitalizations were used to review trends. Objectives The trends in rates of hospitalizations with cervical and lumbar spine surgery were examinedExpand
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An Anchoring and Adjustment Model of Spousal Predictions
How do we predict the preferences of other people? This article proposes an anchoring and adjustment process where we anchor on our own preferences and attempt to adjust for ways in which we areExpand
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Impact of Transcendental Meditation on cardiovascular function at rest and during acute stress in adolescents with high normal blood pressure.
OBJECTIVE This study examined the impact of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program on cardiovascular (CV) reactivity in adolescents with high normal BP. METHOD Thirty-five adolescents [34Expand
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Early Blood Profiles of Virus Infection in a Monkey Model for Lassa Fever
ABSTRACT Acute arenavirus disease in primates, like Lassa hemorrhagic fever in humans, begins with flu-like symptoms and leads to death approximately 2 weeks after infection. Our goal was to identifyExpand
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Validation of a heart rate monitor with children in laboratory and field settings.
The validity of the Sport Tester PE 3000 portable heart rate monitor for use with children was assessed by comparing readings with simultaneously recorded ECG heart rates in three studies, two usingExpand
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