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Calibration and validation of hyperspectral indices for the estimation of broadleaved forest leaf chlorophyll content, leaf mass per area, leaf area index and leaf canopy biomass
Abstract This article aims at finding efficient hyperspectral indices for the estimation of forest sun leaf chlorophyll content (CHL, µg cm leaf − 2 ), sun leaf mass per area (LMA, g dry matter mExpand
Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest: Part I: Model description and uncertainty analysis on modelled NEE
A forest ecosystem model (CASTANEA) is developed with the aim to bridge the gap between soil–vegetation–atmosphere (SVAT) and growth models. A physiologically multi-layer process-based model isExpand
Sensitivity of water and carbon fluxes to climate changes from 1960 to 2100 in European forest ecosystems
Abstract The effects of climate changes on carbon and water fluxes are quantified using a physiologically multi-layer, process-based model containing a carbon allocation model and coupled with a soilExpand
A synthesis of radial growth patterns preceding tree mortality
Tree mortality is a key factor influencing forest functions and dynamics, but our understanding of the mechanisms leading to mortality and the associated changes in tree growth rates are stillExpand
Estimation of forest leaf area index from SPOT imagery using NDVI distribution over forest stands
Leaf area index (LAI) is a key parameter of atmosphere–vegetation exchanges, affecting the net ecosystem exchange and the productivity. At regional or continental scales, LAI can be estimated byExpand
Diversity of leaf unfolding dynamics among tree species: New insights from a study along an altitudinal gradient
Abstract Leaf unfolding is a key ecosystem parameter controlling carbon and water fluxes and affecting forest dynamics. This parameter is highly sensitive to temperature and, consequently, often usedExpand
Research frontiers for improving our understanding of drought-induced tree and forest mortality.
Accumulating evidence highlights increased mortality risks for trees during severe drought, particularly under warmer temperatures and increasing vapour pressure deficit (VPD). Resulting forestExpand
Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest: Part II.: Validation of the main processes from organ to stand scale
A forest ecosystem model (CASTANEA) simulating the carbon balance (canopy photosynthesis, autotrophic and heterotrophic respirations, net ecosystem exchange, wood and root growth) and the water cycleExpand
Drought-induced decline and mortality of silver fir differ among three sites in Southern France
ContextIn the Mediterranean area, numerous decline and mortality processes have been reported during recent decades, affecting forest dynamics. They are likely due to increases in summer droughtExpand
Modeling climate change effects on the potential production of French plains forests at the sub-regional level.
We modeled the effects of climate change and two forest management scenarios on wood production and forest carbon balance in French forests using process-based models of forest growth. We combinedExpand