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Lumbar epidural injections in the treatment of sciatica.
A randomized trial of lumbar epidural injections for the treatment of acute sciatic pain was carried out. All the patients had unilateral sciatica for less than six months and had never previouslyExpand
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Ventilatory response to morphine in young and old subjects
The effects of intravenous morphine (10 mg/70 kg body weight) on ventilation in two groups of subjects, young (age 28–37 years) and old (age 65–82 years) were studied prior to elective surgery. ThereExpand
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The anaesthetic machine--a study of function and design.
A study of the time and motion of the anaesthetists' routine activities was made using conventional equipment. Films of manual and visual movements were studied in detail and the expectations ofExpand
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Cimetidine as a single oral dose for prophylaxis against Mendelson's syndrome *
Cimetidine, a histamine H2-receptor antagonist which inhibits gastric acid secretion, was administered as a single 400 mg oral dose before anaesthesia to forty-six patients undergoing electiveExpand
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Methoxyflurane has been used for general anesthesia at The Montreal Children's Hospital since its clinical introduction in 1960, and has been administered to more than 5000 patients undergoing mostExpand
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The gravimetric method of measuring blood loss was used during all types of pediatric operations at The Montreal Children's Hospital. Results of 1787 such measurements indicated that the method is ofExpand
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Differentiation of Two Types of Pain by Anesthetics
The pain thresholds, to a cutaneous thermal stimulus and to a tibial pressure stimulus were measured before, during, and after the administration of nitrous oxide (25–30 per cent in oxygen),Expand
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Measurement and reduction of occupational exposure to inhaled anaesthetics.
The occupational exposure of hospital staff to inhaled anaesthetics was investigated using a personal sampling device that provides a measure of the average concentrations breathed by a person over aExpand
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Cryoanalgesia for pain after herniorrhaphy
The effect of freezing the ilioinguinal nerve on postoperative pain relief was examined in a double blind study in 36 patients undergoing herniorrhaphy. randomly allocated into two groups. PatientsExpand
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