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The 18S rDNA sequences support polyphyly of the Hypsibiidae (Eutardigrada)
The findings suggest polyphyly of the Hypsibiidae, and thus multiple evolutions of some structures currently applied as diagnostic characters (e.g., claws, buccal apophyses) within the Eutardigrada.
Notes on the Revision of the Genus Mopsechiniscus (Tardigrada)
Abstract A redescription of the semi-terrestrial tardigrade genus Mopsechiniscus from the Southern Hemisphere and identification keys for its members, including instars, are provided. Revised notes
Redescription and notes on the biology of the glacier tardigrade Hypsibius klebelsbergi Mihelcic, 1959 (Tardigrada), based on material from the Oetztal Alps, Austria
Much of the basic morphometric data of H. klebelsbergi is provided here for the first time and the bulk of available biological and ecological information about the species and its distribution is evaluated and discussed.
A new species of the genus Echiniscus ( Tardigrada ) from New Zealand
A new tardigrade species of the genus Echiniscus from New Zealand is described. The occurrence of the taxon was originally published by Homing et al. (1978) under the name E. bigranulatus Richters,
A cDNA library of the eutardigrade Hypsibius klebelsbergi Mihelčič, 1959 and analysis of the actin gene
A cDNA library was constructed from the glacier-dwelling eutardigrade Hypsibius klebelsbergi from more than 2000 individuals collected in the Austrian Central Alps with highest similarity to GenBank data of Drosophila melanogaster actin at the nucleic acid level and at the amino acid level.
Echiniscus ehrenbergi sp . n . , a new water bear from the Himalayas ( Tardigrada )
Echiniscus ehrenbergi sp. n., a new tardigrade from the Himalayas (Nepal, the Mt. Everest Region) is described and illustrated. The new species resembles E. testudo (Doyere, 1840) but differs from
Cryobiotus roswithae gen. n., sp. n., a New Genus and Species of Glacier-Dwelling Tardigrades from Northern Norway (Tardigrada, Panarthropoda)
Cryobiotus gen. n., a new genus that currently includes four morphologically very similar Palaearctic species of cold-stenothermic, cryobiontic tardigrades [Cryobiotus klebelsbergi (Mihelčič, 1959),
Some notes on morphology of Echiniscus tessellatus MURRAY , 1910 ( Tardigrada )
The morphology of a rare tardigrade Echiniscus tesselatus MURRAY, 1910, a species new for the fauna of Hawaii, is described and illustrated. Hitherto unknown light microscopic and SEM images are
Redescription and Revalidation of the Sub-Antarctic Tardigrade Hypsibius murrayi ( Richters , 1907 ) Based on the Rediscovered Type Material ( Tard igrada , Panarthropoda )
The recently rediscovered remains of the Tardigrada collection of FERDINAND R.ICHTERS (1849-1914), one of the pioneers of tardigrade taxonomy, also contain one microslide with type specimens of the