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Evolutionary agglomeration theory: increasing returns, diminishing returns, and the industry life cycle
According to Marshall?s agglomeration theory, Krugman?s New Economic Geography models, and Porter?s cluster policies, firms should receive increasing returns from a trinity of agglomerationExpand
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The Determinants of Regional Sourcing by Multinational Manufacturing Firms: Evidence from Yorkshire and Humberside, UK
An examination of the factors influencing the extent of regional sourcing by multinational manufacturing firms using data collected by interview from 50 foreign- and UK-owned plants in Yorkshire andExpand
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Owner-managers and Business Planning in the Small Firm
This article explores the ways in which the characteristics of the owner-managers of small firms influence whether or not those firms have a business plan. The focus is primarily on antecedentExpand
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Multi-locational Manufacturing Organisations and Plant Closures in Urban Areas
Plant closure is one way in which a multi-locational firm can restructure the spatial organisation of its production system. In many cases, a firm has to select for closure one of a number of plantsExpand
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MNE Supply Linkages and the Local SME Sector: Evidence from Yorkshire and Humberside
This paper draws on evidence from a new survey of large MNE-owned manufacturing plants in Yorkshire and Humberside and questions the expectation that MNE plants will stimulate the local SME sectorExpand
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Owner-managers, clusters and local embeddedness: small firms in the Sheffield (UK) metal-working cluster
The primary objective of this paper is to explore the ways in which the characteristics of owner-managers influence the extent to which their firms are embedded within local clusters of economicExpand
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The Influence of Plant Profitability on Plant Closures in Multi‐locational Firms
This paper explores the effect of plant profitability on the closure decision in multi-locational manufacturing firms where the firm is selecting between different sites undertaking similarExpand
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Local Environments and Plant Closures by Multi-locational Firms: A Cross–cultural Analysis
STAFFORD H. A. and WATTS H. D. (1991) Local environments and plant closures by multi-locational firms: a cross-cultural analysis, Reg. Studies 25, 427–438. This paper provides a comparison ofExpand
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Stability and change in the supply chains of multinational plants: the managerial voice
High levels of stability over the five-year period 1991–96 are observed in the supply chains of plants in Yorkshire and Humberside in the UK owned by multinational enterprises (MNEs). Stability isExpand
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