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The toxicology of climate change: environmental contaminants in a warming world.
Climate change induced by anthropogenic warming of the earth's atmosphere is a daunting problem. This review examines one of the consequences of climate change that has only recently attractedExpand
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Measuring absorption coefficients in small volumes of highly scattering media: source-detector separations for which path lengths do not depend on scattering properties.
The noninvasive measurement of variations in absorption that are due to changes in concentrations of biochemically relevant compounds in tissue is important in many clinical settings. One problemExpand
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Anchoring Ethinylestradiol Induced Gene Expression Changes with Testicular Morphology and Reproductive Function in the Medaka
Environmental estrogens are ubiquitous in the environment and can cause detrimental effects on male reproduction. In fish, a multitude of effects from environmental estrogens have been observedExpand
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Water Quality Influences Reproduction in Female Mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) from Eight Florida Springs
Contamination of freshwater ecosystems with nitrate is a growing global concern. Although nitrate pollution is recognized as a cause of aquatic eutrophication, few studies have examined the possibleExpand
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Quantitative measurement of porphyrins in biological tissues and evaluation of tissue porphyrins during toxicant exposures.
Porphyrins are formed in most eukaryotic tissues as intermediates in the biosynthesis of heme. Assessment of changes in tissue porphyrin levels occurring in response to the actions of various drugsExpand
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Prophylactic efficacy of maprotiline on unipolar depression relapse.
BACKGROUND Although antidepressant medications have been in use for about 30 years, the question remains about their utility in the prophylaxis of recurrent depression. The purpose of this study wasExpand
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Liver transplantation: postoperative ICU care.
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Folates and post partum depression.
Hypofolatemia can cause psychiatric disturbances of a depressive nature. Pregnancy and delivery are often associated with hypofolatemia. This study was conducted to determine if hypofolatemia at dayExpand
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