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Structure and interactions of ultracold Yb ions and Rb atoms
In order to study ultracold charge-transfer processes in hybrid atom-ion traps, we have mapped out the potential-energy curves and molecular parameters for several low-lying states of the Rb, Yb +Expand
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Ultracold, radiative charge transfer in hybrid Yb ion-Rb atom traps
Ultracold hybrid ion–atom traps offer the possibility of microscopic manipulation of quantum coherences in the gas using the ion as a probe. However, inelastic processes, particularly charge transferExpand
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Controlling ultracold collisions with optical resonances
We present a theoretical analysis of the optical tuning of the scattering length in a Bose-Einstein condensate in which ultracold atoms in the ground state are exposed to laser light which isExpand
Collisions of trapped ions with ultracold atoms in [YbRb](+) systems
We investigate the ultracold, elastic-scattering of a trapped atom and a trapped ion. The low-energy potential surfaces of the [174Yb−87Rb]+ are estimated and the polarizability and higher-orderExpand
Collisions of trapped ions with ultracold atoms in the [YbRb]$^+$ system
We investigate the ultracold elastic scattering for the quasi-molecular ion of ytterbium and rubidium system, based on {\it ab initio} calculations, including both asymptotic ionic channels. ThisExpand
Policy booth: A social enterprise
Hugo Lamb and Bec McHenry co-founded Policy Booth in 2012. They are also partners at Melbourne-based project management consulting and B Corporation The Projection Room. The Projection RoomExpand