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An Overview of Evolutionary Computation
Evolutionary computation uses computational models of evolutionary processes as key elements in the design and implementation of computerbased problem solving systems. In this paper we provide anExpand
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Genetic programming using a minimum description length principle
This paper introduces a Minimum Description Length (MDL) principle to de ne tness functions in Genetic Programming (GP). In traditional (Koza-style) GP, the size of trees was usually controlled byExpand
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EVOLVABLE HARDWARE Genetic Programming of a Darwin Machine
For the past three years, the author has been dreaming of the possibility of building machines which are capable of evolution, called “Darwin Machines”. As a result of several brain storming sessionsExpand
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Genetic Programming
Abstract This paper introduces a new programming methodology, called Genetic Programming, which is the application of the Genetic Algorithm to the evolution of the signs and weights of fully (self)Expand
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A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part I: Large-scale brain simulations
Driven by rapid ongoing advances in computer hardware, neuroscience and computer science, Artificial Brain research and development are blossoming. This article constitutes the first half of aExpand
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A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part II: Biologically inspired cognitive architectures
A number of leading cognitive architectures that are inspired by the human brain, at various levels of granularity, are reviewed and compared, with special attention paid to the way their internalExpand
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CoDi-1Bit: A Simplified Cellular Automata Based Neuron Model
This paper presents some simplifications to our recently introduced “CoDi-model”, which we use to evolve Cellular Automata based neural network modules for ATR's artificial brain project “CAM-Brain”Expand
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A Dynamic Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on an Orthogonal Design
  • S. Zeng, G. Chen, +4 authors Lishan Kang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Evolutionary…
  • 11 September 2006
There are rather few articles in the literature so far that deal with dynamic multi-objective optimization problems. This article introduces a dynamic orthogonal multi-objective evolutionaryExpand
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A Numerical Approach to Genetic Programming for System Identification
This paper introduces a new approach to genetic programming (GP), based on a numerical technique, which integrates a GP-based adaptive search of tree structures, and a local parameter tuningExpand
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