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Children and childhood in western society since 1500
1. Introduction. 2. Children and Childhood in Ancient and Medieval Europe. 3. The Development of a Middle-class Ideology of Childhood, 1500-1900. 4. Family, Work and School, 1500-1900. 5. Children,Expand
The Children of the Poor: Representations of Childhood since the Seventeenth Century
Part 1 The story of child labour. Part 2 The search for order 1680-1810 order and idleness work schooling order as a spectacle. Part 3 The response to child labour 1780-1850: the climbing boysExpand
Histories of Childhood
MORE, PERHAPS, THAN ANY OTHER BRANCH OF HISTORY, the history of childhood has been shaped by the concerns of the world in which its historians live. If it is now a lively field, that is in large partExpand
The Invention of Childhood
The Invention of Childhood will paint a vivid picture of the lives of children in Britain from pagan Anglo-Saxon times to the present day. Drawing heavily on primary sources, such as diaries,Expand
The Decline Of Child Labour: Labour Markets And Family Economies In Europe And North America Since 1830
This survey of the "adulting" of national and family economies argues that understanding of the segmentation of labour markets and of the male breadwinner has been impoverished by a failure toExpand