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Parasites of the relict fauna of Ceylon. IV. Zeylanurotrema lyriocephali gen. et sp. nov. and other trematodes from mountain lizards and a rodent.
An initial survey of the helminth parasites of several endemic vertebrate hosts, particularly relict agamid lizards, collected in the montane zone of Ceylon, has shown a general paucity of trematodeExpand
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Nature conservation in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Abstract Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was once part of an Indo-Malayan and Afro-Madgascan complex, and has three peneplains. These circumtances are reflected in her fauna and flora, of which 28·5 per cent ofExpand
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Parasites of the relict fauna of Ceylon. VI. More new helminths from amphibians and reptiles, a new host-record and redescription of Acanthocephalus serendibensis Crusz and Mills 1970.
  • H. Crusz, C. Ching
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annales de parasitologie humaine et comparee
  • 1 September 1975
A monogenetic trematode Polystoma hakgalense sp. nov. is described from the urinary bladder of the frog Rhacophorus cruciger eques, from the Hakgala Strict Natural Reserve (1 707 m). The followingExpand
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Parasites of the relict fauna of Ceylon - IX. Helminths from burrowing scincine lizards
A trematode and nematodes are reported for the first time from endemic burrowing scincines of Sri Lanka, namely the cosmopolitan trematode Mesocoelium monas (Rudolphi, 1819) from the small intestineExpand
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The trematode parasites of the dugong with descriptions of two new monostomes and histopathological changes in the host.
Since the discovery of the amphistome trematode, Indosolenorchis hirudinaceus Crusz, 1951, in the intestinal cecum of a dugong caught in Ceylonese waters, a search was made for more material in theExpand
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Parasites of endemic and relict vertebrates: a biogeographical review
A consideration of the parasites of the fauna of islands such as the Galapagos or Madagascar (Chabaud & Brygoo 1964, Vassiliades 1970) clearly shows that their isolation has had its effects in theExpand
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Parasites of the relict fauna of Ceylon. VIII. Helminths from Ichthyophis spp. (Amphibia: Gymnophiona).
Trematodes and nematodes are recorded for the first time, and described, from the endemic caecilians Ichthyophis glutinosus (L) and I. orthoplicatus Taylor, 1965 of Sri Lanka. The trematodes are ofExpand
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Parasites of the relict fauna of Ceylon. I. Acanthocephalus serendibensis sp. nov. from the Ceylon horn-nosed lizard, Ceratophora stoddarti Gray.
A new species of Echinorhynchid Acanthocephalan, Acantliocephalus serendibensis , is described from the intestine of the relict, agamid mountain-lizard, Ceratopbora stoddarti Gray, from Nuwara Eliya,Expand
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