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What work makes policy?
The mainstream policy literature identifies a number of activities as part of ‘policy-making’: ‘policy analysis’, ‘policy advice’, ‘decision-making’, and perhaps also ‘implementation’ andExpand
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Working for Policy
Though democratic government calls for well-designed and implemented policy, there is surprisingly little expert guidance available for policy makers and politicians. Working for Policy fills thatExpand
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Risk and Governance in Water Recycling
Public acceptance is often seen as a key reason why water-recycling technology is (accepted or) rejected. A common assumption is that projects fail because the general public is unable to comprehendExpand
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Governance as a conceptual development in the analysis of policy
The current interest among political scientists in collaborative and deliberative ways of governing has emerged as part of a discourse about ‘governance’, originating with claims that the practice ofExpand
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Policy analysis, policy practice and political science
Bridgman and Davis have responded to criticism of their widely-used model of the policy process as a cycle, ‘a series of interlocking steps’ by describing it as ‘pragmatic’, a ‘toolkit’, ‘not aExpand
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The work of policy : an international survey
Part 1 Is there a standard model of policy work ? Chapter 2 Policy, Models and the Construction of Governing Chapter 3 Professionalization and Policy Analysis: the Case of the United States Part 4Expand
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Making sense of governance
Abstract Governance is a term which is widely, but not always precisely, used, and this article seeks to clarify what the term is being used to mean. In particular, it is concerned with whether itExpand
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Evidence and policy: discourses, meanings and practices
The attention for the use of evidence in the policy process has received renewed attention in recent years with explicit calls for ‘evidence-based policy’ (EBP). This idea is not new and goes back atExpand
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Government and Governmentality: Using Multiple Approaches to the Analysis of Government
This article analyses a single case in the application of government authority to illustrate a central analytical problem for political science--what is meant by 'government'--and uses two divergentExpand
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Organizational meanings of program evaluation
AbstractProgram evaluation has to be understood as an organizational phenomenon: it is a way of understanding and evaluating action in and between organizations. But it rests on assumptions aboutExpand
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