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The accuracy of primary care teams in diagnosing disorders of the shoulder.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this retrospective, observational study was to determine the accuracy of diagnoses given by a multitude of primary care services to patients referred to an orthopaedic upper limbExpand
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Post-traumatic osteonecrosis of the proximal humerus.
Post-traumatic osteonecrosis of the proximal humerus represents a challenging problem to the surgeon. It is commonly seen following multi-fragmentary fractures of the proximal humerus which mayExpand
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Construct Validity, Assessment of the Learning Curve, and Experience of Using a Low-Cost Arthroscopic Surgical Simulator.
OBJECTIVE We have developed a low-cost, portable shoulder simulator designed to train basic arthroscopic skills. This study aimed to establish the construct validity of the simulator by determiningExpand
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Factors influencing foundation programme choice among medical students
Objectives The advent of Modernising Medical Careers has replaced the traditional pre-registration house officer (PRHO) year and first year of senior house officer (SHO) training with a combinedExpand
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The 30-year wait for treatment of an acutely painful knee
A 63-year-old retired man presented to our clinic reporting a severely painful, localised knee pain present for around 30 years and associated with a spontaneous palpable lump. He was prompted toExpand
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Propofol extravasation: a rare cause of compartment syndrome
We detail a rare cause of forearm compartment syndrome that occurred in an 18-year-old patient who presented with a Glasgow Coma Scale of 13/15 after a mixed drug overdose and subsequently requiredExpand
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iv) Xenograft in orthopaedics
Abstract The use of xenograft tissue in orthopaedics has an interesting history and has yielded mixed clinical results, although the potential future application of xenografts processing with novelExpand
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Current practice of BHS members in the treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head in adults
Introduction: The management of osteonecrosis (ON) of the femoral head remains controversial. It is unclear the extent to which non-arthroplasty procedures are used and there has been no previousExpand
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Quantification of the articular view of the elbow afforded by standard portals using 30° arthroscopy
Background The present study quantifies the field of view (FOV) from standard arthroscopy portals and aims to identify anatomical regions where the FOV is limited. Methods Eleven cadaveric elbowsExpand
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Impingement of a fibroma of the extensor tendon sheath on the extensor retinaculum
Deep lacerations to the forearm can cause impaired movement of the digits. This report describes the presentation and management of a self-harmer who presented with loss of motion of her ring finger.Expand
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