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Recognition of capped RNA substrates by VP39, the vaccinia virus-encoded mRNA cap-specific 2'-O-methyltransferase.
Investigating the interaction of VP39, the vaccinia-encoded mRNA cap-specific 2'-O-methyltransferase, with its capped RNA substrate suggested the binding of regions of the RNA substrate >6 nt from the 5' terminus to a previously unknown site on the VP39 surface. Expand
Synthesis, characterisation, activities, cell uptake and DNA binding of a trinuclear complex: [[trans-PtCl(NH3)]2mu-[trans-Pd(NH3)(2-hydroxypyridine)-(H2)N(CH2)6NH2)2]Cl4.
The increasing prevention of BamH1 digestion of form I and form II pBR322 plasmid DNA with the increase in concentration of the compound is believed to be due to interstrand binding that brings about global changes in DNA conformation. Expand