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Stepping over obstacles: gait patterns of healthy young and old adults.
Falls associated with tripping over an obstacle can be devastating to elderly individuals, yet little is known about the strategies used for stepping over obstacles by either old or young adults. TheExpand
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Effects of age and available response time on ability to step over an obstacle.
BACKGROUND Falls during walking are often triggered when a foot contacts an obstacle in its path. Yet little is known about the ability of individuals of any age to successfully negotiate obstacles,Expand
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Vapor-assisted micropatterning in replica structures: A solventless approach towards topologically and chemically designable surfaces
Methods for creating microor nanostructured surfaces are of fundamental importance to a range of applications including electronics and biotechnology. For instance, bioanalytical diagnostic devices,Expand
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Fully monolithic CMOS nickel micromechanical resonator oscillator
A fully monolithic oscillator achieved via MEMS-last integration of low temperature nickel micromechanical resonator arrays over finished foundry CMOS circuitry has been demonstrated with a measuredExpand
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Reactive polymer coatings that "Click".
Future advances in the design of biologically active interfaces require novel strategies for the robust and specific attachment of biological ligands onto surfaces. Herein, a new type ofExpand
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The insulation performance of reactive parylene films in implantable electronic devices.
Parylene-C (poly-chloro-p-xylylene) is an appropriate material for use in an implantable, microfabricated device. It is hydrophobic, conformally deposited, has a low dielectric constant, and superbExpand
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Surface modification of confined microgeometries via vapor-deposited polymer coatings.
The development of generally applicable protocols for the surface modification of complex substrates has emerged as one of the key challenges in biotechnology. The use of vapor-deposited polymerExpand
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Vapor-Based Initiator Coatings for Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization†
A novel polymeric initiator coating for surface modification via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) is reported. The synthetic approach involves the chemical vapor deposition ofExpand
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Vapor‐Based Synthesis of Poly[(4‐formyl‐p‐xylylene)‐co‐(p‐xylylene)] and Its Use for Biomimetic Surface Modifications
The vapor-based synthesis and characterization of a reactive polymer, poly[(4-formyl-p-xylylene)-co-(p-xylylene)] (1), have been reported. The reactive polymer coating enables the immobilization ofExpand
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Multipotent Polymer Coatings Based on Chemical Vapor Deposition Copolymerization
The controlled and stable immobilization of one or multiple types of (bio)molecules to a surface has been identified as one of the critical challenges in several emerging research fields, such as theExpand
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