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Prevalence and sociodemographic correlates of eating disorder endorsements among adolescents and young adults from China.
  • H. Chen, T. Jackson
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • European eating disorders review : the journal of…
  • 1 September 2008
This research assessed the prevalence and sociodemographic correlates of eating disorder symptoms among young people from China. A sample of 1320 females and 783 males between 12 and 22 years of ageExpand
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Environmental Analysis of Textile Products
The increasing public awareness and sense of social responsibility related to environmental issues have led the textile industry to manufacture products with improved environmental profiles. ThisExpand
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The Negative Physical Self Scale: Initial development and validation in samples of Chinese adolescents and young adults.
This research presents four studies on the initial development and validation of the 48-item Negative Physical Self Scale (NPS), a multidimensional measure of body image concerns for use with ChineseExpand
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Eyes on the bodies: an eye tracking study on deployment of visual attention among females with body dissatisfaction.
Visual attentional bias has important functions during the appearance social comparisons. However, for the limitations of experimental paradigms or analysis methods in previous studies, the timeExpand
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Risk factors for disordered eating during early and middle adolescence: prospective evidence from mainland Chinese boys and girls.
Despite evidence that sociocultural and psychological factors contribute to disordered eating, researchers have yet to examine the extent to which putative risk factors influence vulnerability forExpand
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Predictive models for understanding body dissatisfaction among young males and females in China.
The present study was designed to develop predictive models for understanding body dissatisfaction among young males and females (N=1377) in China. Six factors were assessed, including body massExpand
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Stability of Body Image Concerns among Chinese Adolescents: Nine-Month Test-Retest Reliabilities of the Negative Physical Self Scale
This research assessed the stability of specific body image concerns among Chinese adolescents. A sample of 216 boys and 375 girls completed the Negative Physical Self Scale, a 38-item measure ofExpand
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Identifying the eating disorder symptomatic in China: the role of sociocultural factors and culturally defined appearance concerns.
  • T. Jackson, H. Chen
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of psychosomatic research
  • 1 February 2007
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the extent to which eating disorder symptomatic Chinese adolescents and young adults could be differentiated from demographically similar peers on the basis of theirExpand
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Predicting changes in eating disorder symptoms among Chinese adolescents: a 9-month prospective study.
OBJECTIVES Body image and eating disturbances have become global phenomena, yet prospective designs have rarely been employed in research on non-Western samples. This study tested the extent to whichExpand
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Spontaneous regional brain activity links restrained eating to later weight gain among young women
Theory and prospective studies have linked restrained eating (RE) to risk for future weight gain and the onset of obesity, but little is known about resting state neural activity that may underlieExpand
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