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Molecular Epidemiology and Clinical Manifestations of Viral Gastroenteritis in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients in Northern Taiwan
Higher disease severity was found for AGE caused by multiple viruses and by rotavirus alone, and the majority of rotaviruses isolated from 2004 to 2006 belonged to genotypes G1 (20.4%), G2 (16.5%), G3 (27.2%), and G9 (21.4%).
Probiotics Have Clinical, Microbiologic, and Immunologic Efficacy in Acute Infectious Diarrhea
This probiotics mixture reduced the severity of diarrhea and length of hospital stay in children with acute diarrhea and may enhance host protective immunity such as down- regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and up-regulation of anti- inflammatory cytokines.
Clinical and Nutritional Outcomes in Children With Idiopathic Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome
A duodenojejunostomy can effectively relieve the obstructive symptoms, such as anorexia, and improve nutritional status, and long-term medical treatment may aid in relieving the clinical symptoms, promoting appetite, and improving nutritional status in pediatric patients with idiopathic SMAS.
Intra-abdominal cystic lymphangiomas in infancy and childhood.
Intra-abdominal CL are usually involved in young children and are usually symptomatic, and a preoperative diagnosis is possible with ultrasound study, and the long-term prognosis is excellent.
Severe Viral Gastroenteritis in Children After Suboptimal Rotavirus Immunization in Taiwan
Suboptimal use of rotavirus vaccines in the private sector caused a slow but modest impact on severeRotavirus AGE, whereas norovirus infection became more common.
Sonographic evaluation of the pancreatic duct in normal children and children with pancreatitis.
  • H. Chao, S J Lin, M. S. Kong, C C Luo
  • Medicine
    Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official…
  • 1 November 2000
A significant difference was found in diameter of the pancreatic duct between children with acute and chronic pancreatitis versus that of age‐matched control, and a good correlation between the diameter of pancreati duct and serum lipase level was found.
Adnexal Torsion in Children
Most pediatric adnexal torsion occurs in post menarchal patients, but the potential exists for this diagnosis in premenarchal girls, and Ultrasound usually plays an important, but not definitive, role in diagnosis.
Effect of interleukin-15 and Flt3-ligand on natural killer cell expansion and activation: umbilical cord vs. adult peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
It is concluded that CB NK cells could be greatly activated and expanded with IL-15, but not with Flt3L, and the greater expression of CD16/56 induced by IL- 15 in CB MNCs may originate from non-CD34+ NK progenitor cells.
Investigation of Interleukin-10 Promoter Polymorphisms and Interleukin-10 Levels in Children with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
It is unlikely that IL-10 production was fully genetically determined in children with irritable bowel syndrome, as there were no significant differences in the distribution ofIL-10 -1082, -819, and -592 polymorphisms or in the allele and haplotype frequencies between IBS children and HCs.
Different Articular Outcomes of Still’s Disease in Chinese Children and Adults
Different articular outcomes of Still’s disease in Chinese children and adults are suggested, particularly with polyarthritis at disease onset and a favourable functional outcome at the end of the follow-up.