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Study of the localized vibrations of boron in heavily doped Si
We have studied the localized vibrational modes of boron in heavily doped Si using Raman scattering for carrier concentrations of 5\ifmmode\times\else\texttimes\fi{}${10}^{18}$ toExpand
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Emission spectra of colonic tissue and endogenous fluorophores.
Autofluorescence emission spectra of normal, adenomatous, and malignant tissues of the colon were compared to that of known fluorophores to indicate the possible causes of tissue fluorescence. DataExpand
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Role of basement membrane collagen and elastin in the autofluorescence spectra of the colon.
BACKGROUND Autofluoresence can be used to detect neoplasia in the colon. Two known fluorophores, collagen and elastin, are probably partly responsible for colonic emission spectra. Their contributionExpand
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Planarity of para Hexaphenyl
S. Guha,1 W. Graupner,2 R. Resel,2 M. Chandrasekhar,1 H. R. Chandrasekhar,1 R. Glaser,3 and G. Leising2 1Department of Physics, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 65211 and Department ofExpand
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Double-beam fourier spectroscopy with interferometric background compensation
Abstract A double-beam multiplex spectrometer is described which is specially suited for measuring small variations in absorptivity or reflectivity, or narrow spectral lines, against a strong andExpand
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Significance of Histopathology in Leprosy Patients with 1–5 Skin Lesions with Relevance to Therapy
Background: Patients with 1–5 skin lesions are clinically categorized as paucibacillary for treatment purposes. For betterment and adequate treatment of patients, this grouping needs further study.Expand
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Hydrostatic pressure dependence of the luminescence and Raman frequencies in polyfluorene
We present studies of the photoluminescence (PL), absorption, and Raman scattering spectra from poly[2,7-(9,9'-bis(2-ethylhexyl))fluorene] under hydrostatic pressures of 0-100 kbar at roomExpand
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Phonons in titanium doped vitreous silica
Abstract In this paper we report the infrared and Raman studies of titanium doped silicate glasses for a number of Ti concentrations. New modes associated with the titanium groups are identified. TheExpand
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Millimeterwave spectra of some superionic conductors
Using a quasi-optical continuously tunable spectrometer in the frequency range of 40–90 GHz (λ=7.5-3.3 mm) the absorption spectra of the superionic conductors Naβ-alumina, Agβ-alumina,α-AgI andExpand
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