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The Paradoxes of Deontic Logic: The Simplest Solution to all of them in one Fell Swoop
Deontic logic, as a discipline of study, deals with the structure of our ordinary reasoning about obligations, ought’s, interdictions, prohibitions, wrongs, rights, and freedoms to act. Thus, it isExpand
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Thinking and the structure of the world
This paper formulates a basic system of ontology that has several interesting qualities: (1) it is suggested very strongly by the most naive and simplest consideration of certain perplexitiesExpand
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Thinking and Doing
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‘He’: A study in the logic of self-consciousness
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A Theory of Morality.
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Leibniz's complete propositional logic
ConclusionI have shown (to my satisfaction) that Leibniz's final attempt at a generalized syllogistico-propositional calculus in the Generales Inquisitiones was pretty successful. The calculusExpand
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On a Proposed Revolution in Logic
In his The Uses of Argument (Cambridge University Press, 1958), S. Toulmin presents serious charges against ordinary logical theory, e.g., that it does not distinguish between analytic or formallyExpand
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