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Specific Copper Transfer from the Cox17 Metallochaperone to Both Sco1 and Cox11 in the Assembly of Yeast Cytochrome c Oxidase*
The assembly of the copper sites in cytochrome c oxidase involves a series of accessory proteins, including Cox11, Cox17, and Sco1. The two mitochondrial inner membrane proteins Cox11 and Sco1 areExpand
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Yeast Cox11, a Protein Essential for Cytochrome cOxidase Assembly, Is a Cu(I)-binding Protein*
Cox11 is a protein essential for respiratory growth and has been implicated in the assembly of the CuB site of cytochrome c oxidase. In the present study, we demonstrate that Cox11 is aExpand
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PAK1 Negatively Regulates the Activity of the Rho Exchange Factor NET1*
Rho family small G-protein activity is controlled by guanine nucleotide exchange factors that stimulate the release of GDP, thus allowing GTP binding. Once activated, Rho proteins control cellExpand
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A Bacterial Cytotoxin Identifies the RhoA Exchange Factor Net1 as a Key Effector in the Response to DNA Damage
Background Exposure of adherent cells to DNA damaging agents, such as the bacterial cytolethal distending toxin (CDT) or ionizing radiations (IR), activates the small GTPase RhoA, which promotes theExpand
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Assembly of cytochrome c oxidase within the mitochondrion.
  • H. Carr, D. Winge
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Accounts of chemical research
  • 20 March 2003
Cytochrome c oxidase (CcO) is an oligomeric complex localized within the mitochondrial inner membrane. Assembly of the active oxidase complex requires the coordinate assembly of subunits synthesizedExpand
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A randomized trial comparing in person and electronic interventions for improving adherence to oral medications in schizophrenia.
Poor adherence to medication leads to symptom exacerbation and interferes with the recovery process for patients with schizophrenia. Following baseline assessment, 142 patients in medicationExpand
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Functional Analysis of the Domains in Cox11*
Cox11 is an intrinsic mitochondrial membrane protein essential for the assembly of an active cytochrome c oxidase complex. Cox11 is tethered to the mitochondrial inner membrane by a singleExpand
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Regulation of Focal Adhesion Kinase Activation, Breast Cancer Cell Motility, and Amoeboid Invasion by the RhoA Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor Net1
ABSTRACT Net1 is a RhoA guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) that is overexpressed in a subset of human cancers and contributes to cancer cell motility and invasion in vitro. However, theExpand
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Interaction of the RhoA Exchange Factor Net1 with Discs Large Homolog 1 Protects It from Proteasome-mediated Degradation and Potentiates Net1 Activity*
Net1 is a nuclear Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor that is specific for the RhoA subfamily of small G proteins. Truncated forms of Net1 are transforming in NIH3T3 cells, and this activityExpand
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