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RERUM: Building a reliable IoT upon privacy- and security- enabled smart objects
The RERUM framework will comprise an architecture, built upon novel network protocols and interfaces as well as the design of smart objects hardware that will allow IoT applications to consider security and privacy mechanisms early in their design phase, ensuring a configurable balance between reliability and privacy. Expand
Designing, Developing, and Facilitating Smart Cities
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Redactable Signatures for Independent Removal of Structure and Content
A provably secure redactable signature scheme allowing to independently redact structure and content is presented, and a rigid security model is introduced, including consecutive redaction control, to formalize the required behaviour of the scheme. Expand
A General Framework for Redactable Signatures and New Constructions
This paper presents a general framework covering arbitrary data-structures and even more sophisticated possibilities and introduces the notion of designated redactors, i.e., the signer can give some extra information to selected entities which become redactor to obtain more efficient schemes. Expand
On Structural Signatures for Tree Data Structures
New attacks on the redactable signature scheme introduced by Kundu and Bertino at VLDB '08 are presented and it is shown that schemes with a quadratic complexity become unuseable very fast. Expand
Length-Hiding Redactable Signatures from One-Way Accumulators in O(n)
This paper proposes two provably secure and length- hiding redactable signature schemes that have a runtime complex of O(n) and protects the integrity of the elements in unordered (multi-)sets, with a storage complexity ofO(1). Expand
ECDSA on Things: IoT Integrity Protection in Practise
It is shown that providing signed sensor data has little impact on the overall power consumption and hardware accelerated signing can further reduce the costs in terms of runtime, however, the differences were not significant. Expand
On Updatable Redactable Signatures
This work presents a provably secure construction in the standard model, which makes use of a novel trapdoor-accumulator and permits creating a signature by merging two redacted messages, if they stem from the same original. Expand
Non-interactive Public Accountability for Sanitizable Signatures
It is shown that non-interactive public accountability does not contradict privacy by proving that an existing scheme by Brzuska et al. Expand
Enabling reliable and secure IoT-based smart city applications
This work presents four applications that will be developed within RERUM, gives a general description of the open reliability and security issues that have to be taken into account and gives an overall view of the solutions that RERum will develop to address these issues. Expand