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Satellite Images for Monitoring Mangrove Cover Changes in a Fast Growing Economic Region in Southern Peninsular Malaysia
We used Landsat satellite images to analyze the changes over a period of 25 years of mangrove areas in Iskandar Malaysia (IM), the fastest growing national special economic region located in southern Johor. Expand
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The influence of Malaysia's involvement in Antarctica on the awareness of Antarctica and its values amongst Malaysian citizens in state capital cities
Abstract Values are the core of human when it comes to decision making. In the context of Antarctica, the study of Antarctic values helps to direct the future development in policy formulationExpand
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Does Korean Drama Have a Real Influence? An Analysis of Malaysia Outbound Tourists to South Korea
Korea has recently emerged as one of the top tourism destinations in the world, and a catalyst of its rapidly developing tourism industry is Korean drama. Studies on Korean tourism, which focus onExpand
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Using nexus thinking to identify opportunities for mangrove management in the Klang Islands, Malaysia
Abstract Despite wide recognition of the multiple ecosystem services provided by mangroves, they continue to experience decline and degradation especially in the face of urbanization. Given theExpand
The discovery of Silk Route: Cultural and technology communication between China, Korea and Japan
One of the earliest civilizations took place in Asia, particularly the East Asian region. As a main result of war, historical travel, such as trading and pilgrimage, influenced the daily life of mostExpand
June 2019 special issue - Introduction
Acceptable use of Chinese cemeteries in Kuala Lumpur as perceived by the city’s residents
Abstract While cemeteries represent a part of any society’s cultural heritage, their continued existence in urban areas has raised concerns, mainly due to the scarcity of urban land. ReferringExpand
Psychosocial Barriers of Public Transport Use and Social Exclusion among Older Adults: Empirical Evidence from Lahore, Pakistan
Transport planning and public health have been intertwined historically. The health impact of public transport services, such as social exclusion, is a widely discussed research topic. SocialExpand