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Carotid surgery, cognitive function, and cerebral blood flow in patients with transient ischemic attacks
Psychological testing, cerebral blood flow (CBF) measurement, and computed tomographic scan were performed before and 3 months after operation in 31 patients subjected to endarterectomy of theExpand
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Cerebral hyperperfusion following carotid endarterectomy.
Serial measurements of cerebral blood flow (CBF) were performed in 56 patients before and one to four times after uncomplicated carotid endarterectomy. The findings were related to the ratio betweenExpand
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Intellectual function in patients with transient ischaemic attacks (TIA) or minor stroke
Psychological testing was performed in 25 patients (mean age 56 years) with transient ischaemic attacks and/or minor strokes and with angiographically verified internal carotid artery stenosis. TheExpand
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Cardiac Output Measurement by Thermal Dilution: Reproducibility and Comparison with the Dye‐Dilution Technique
Cardiac output estimates by the principle of thermodtlution (COth) was compared with dye-dilution estimates (COth) in pigs. For COth estimates a Swan-Ganz 7 F floating thermo-dilution catheter and aExpand
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Cerebral Blood Flow and Internal Carotid Artery Flow During Carotid Surgery
In a series of 17 patients operated on for stenosis of the internal carotid artery, measurement of the blood flow in the internal carotid artery by a squarewave electromagnetic flowmeter wasExpand
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A comparison of the distribution volumes of inulin and ( 51 Cr)EDTA in man and nephrectomized dogs.
The distribution volume and the total clearance of inulin and [51Cr]EDTA (etylene-diamine-tetraacetic-acid labelled with 51Cr) was compared using a single injection technique without urine samplingExpand
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Hemodynamic effect of carotid endarterectomy.
Cerebral blood flow was measured by the intravenous xenon-133 technique at rest and during cerebral vasodilation with acetazolamide in 32 patients before and after uncomplicated carotidExpand
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Splanchnic Blood Flow in Patients with Abdominal Angina Before and After Arterial Reconstruction A Proposal for a Diagnostic Test
The diagnostic value of determining the splanchnic blood flow (SBF) and oxygen uptake before and after a test meal in patients suspected of abdominal angina was investigated in 15 patients withExpand
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Staged bilateral carotid endarterectomy.
In a series of 56 staged bilateral carotid endarterectomies, new neurologic symptoms developed in 5% and 20% following the first and second procedure, respectively. All complications were transientExpand
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