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Comparison of radical mastectomy with alternative treatments for primary breast cancer: A first report of results from a prospective randomized clinical trial
The discovery that leaving behind positive axillary nodes has as yet not been influential in enhancing the incidence of distant metastases or the overall proportion of treatment failures and that a disproportionate number of treatments failures in the total mastectomy group occurred in those patients who subsequently required axillary dissection provides reinforcement to the view thatpositive axillary lymph nodes are not the predecessor of distant tumor spread but are a manifestation of disseminated disease.
Hemorrhagic shock in rats. Measured blood volumes as the basis for the extent of hemorrhage.
This study was undertaken in an attempt to establish a method of bleeding rats and autotransfusing the blood removed from them which would be associated with a mortality of near 50%. The use of
Action potentials and pressure changes in ureteral peristaltic waves.
Blood-Flow Relation between Hepatic Artery and Portal Vein
Blood flows in the hepatic artery and portal vein have been measured with a square-wave, electromagnetic flow meter and the relation between the two blood systems can be explained as the simple mechanical effect of interposing a slower-flowing stream in the path of a faster- Flowing stream.
Non-suppressible secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic progressive renal disease.
It is demonstrated that patients with non-suppressible or poorly suppressible secondary hyperparathyroidism become readily suppressible following removal of approximately 80% of their parathyroid tissue.
Natural history of patients after abdominal‐perineal resection implications for radiation therapy
Preoperative irradiation is suggested to reduce local recurrence and possibly increase disease‐free survival of abdominal perineal resections for rectosigmoid carcinoma patients at high risk for cancer in general.