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Statistical Equality and Cultural Difference in Indigenous Wellbeing Frameworks: A New Expression of an Enduring Debate
Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in developing indicator frameworks for 'Indigenous wellbeing'. Implicit in each of the frameworks are particular conceptions of what constitutes the 'goodExpand
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The poverty consensus: some limitations of the ‘popular agenda’
The New Poverty Agenda is said to represent a break with the past and to offer a rationale for aid that is built on partnerships towards a common and realizable goal - the elimination of poverty.Expand
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Deficit discourse and Indigenous health: How narrative framings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are reproduced in policy
This report explores strengths-based approaches to shifting the deficit narrative in the Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector. Studies, including a companion report to thisExpand
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Transnational Relationships, Transforming Selves: Filipinas Seeking Husbands Abroad
The desire of Filipinas to find husbands abroad, particularly of European extraction, is difficult to ignore for the anthropologist who continually finds him/herself positioned as a potentialExpand
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Concerning Constructions of Self and Other: Auto-racism and Imagining Amerika in the Christian Philippines
The term ‘colonial mentality’ is popularly used among many Filipinos to refer to a tendency to compare themselves negatively to Amerikanos. This paper explores the everyday form such deprecatingExpand
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Post‐development theorists have reminded us that ‘development’ is a cultural construct—a set of organising assumptions through which we order the world and understand our place in it. As such,Expand
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