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Calibration of uncooled thermal infrared cameras
Abstract. The calibration of uncooled thermal infrared (IR) cameras to absolute temperature measurement is a time-consuming, complicated process that significantly influences the cost of an IRExpand
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Thermal Infrared Sensors
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Modulation transfer function of pyroelectric linear arrays
Abstract Spatial resolution, described by the modulation transfer function (MTF), is very important for multidimensional infrared sensors. The sensor-MTF of a pyroelectric linear array is determinedExpand
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Modeling transient thermal behavior of shutter-less microbolometer-based infrared cameras
This paper concerns with the problem of disturbing radiation derived from the interior of radiometric microbolometer-based infrared cameras. The amount of internal radiation depends particularly onExpand
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Infrared line cameras based on linear arrays for industrial temperature measurement
The PYROLINE/ MikroLine cameras provide continuous, non-contact measurement of linear temperature distributions. Operation in conjunction with the IR_LINE software provides data recording, real-timeExpand
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Shutter-less calibration of uncooled infrared cameras
Abstract. Infrared (IR) cameras based on microbolometer focal plane arrays (FPAs) are the most widely used cameras in thermography. New fields of applications like handheld devices and smallExpand
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PyI12: Pyroelectric single-element detectors and arrays based on modified TGS
Abstract Pyroelectric detectors based on modified triglycine sulphate are described. Single-element detectors reach D*(500 K, 10 Hz, 25 °C) values up to 2×109cm Hz1/2/W. Linear arrays (128 elements,Expand
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Improving the shutter-less compensation method for TEC-less microbolometer-based infrared cameras
Shutter-less infrared cameras based on microbolometer focal plane arrays (FPAs) are the most widely used cameras in thermography, in particular in the fields of handheld devices and small distributedExpand
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Dielectrophoretic alignment of polymer compounds for thermal sensing
Abstract In this work polymer compounds with an electrically conducting filler material, being aligned in an inhomogeneous electric field using dielectrophoresis, were investigated. ChemicallyExpand
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