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[The leukoerythroblastic blood picture. Incidence and clinical significance].
[Boletus luridus and alcohol. Case report].
Three cases of a disulfiram-alcohol type reaction after ingestion of Boletus luridus and alcohol are described.
Comparative diagnostic value of the calcium-pentagastrin test versus the tolbutamide test in a patient with a somatostatinoma.
We describe a patient with a small somatostatinoma of the papilla of Vater without clinical evidence for diabetes mellitus, diarrhea, steatorrhea, or cholelithiasis, showing normal plasma basal
Central nervous system involvement in hairy cell leukemia
A patient with central nervous system involvement by hairy cell leukemia was diagnosed and treatment with methotrexate resulted in neurologic improvement, but was complicated by Cryptococcus neoformans meningitis.
[Diagnosis and clinical course of periarteritis nodosa].
The clinical symptoms, diagnostic procedure and course under treatment in 10 patients with polyarteritis nodosa are studied retrospectively, finding that 4 patients died, one of them from vasculitis and 3 from other causes.
[The bronchospasmolytics salbutamol, fenoterol, terbutaline and reproterol. Their effects and side effects in asthmatics after inhalation with an electric nebulizer].
To estimate the selectivity of each of the 3 betastimulators the ratio (formula: see text) was established for each parameter and compared to that obtained with salbutamol, then only that of the3 most important side effects tachycardia, hypocapnia and hypoxemia was shown.
[Chronic formaldehyde exposure--a misunderstood disease?].
A family with chronic exposure to formaldehyde in a renovated apartment is reported. The source of exposure proved to be chipboard. The family members' symptoms were eye and upper airway irritation,
[Idiopathic cold agglutinin disease. Clinical aspects, therapy and course in 6 patients].
The cold agglutinin in all patients was of anti-I type and belonged to IgM immunoglobulin and kept warm provided symptomatic relief and the hemolysis decreased to a milder form.
[Swelling of the leg, skin atrophy].