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Physical Relativity: Space-Time Structure from a Dynamical Perspective
1. Overview 2. The physics of coordinate transformations 3. The relativity principle and the fable of Albert Keinstein 4. The trailblazers 5. Einstein's principle-theory route to the Lorentz
Minkowski space-time: A glorious non-entity
It is argued that Minkowski space-time cannot serve as the deep structure within a ``constructive'' version of the special theory of relativity, contrary to widespread opinion in the philosophical
Are Gauge Symmetry Transformations Observable?
  • K. Brading, H. Brown
  • Physics
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 December 2004
In a recent paper in this journal, Kosso ([2000]) discussed the observational status of continuous symmetries of physics. While we are in broad agreement with his approach, we disagree with his
The Shaky Game: Einstein, Realism and the Quantum Theory
In this new edition, Arthur Fine looks at Einstein's philosophy of science and develops his own views on realism. A new Afterword discusses the reaction to Fine's own theory. "What really led
Two miracles of general relativity
Dynamical versus variational symmetries: understanding Noether's first theorem
It is argued that awareness of the distinction between dynamical and variational symmetries is crucial to understanding the significance of Noether's 1918 work. Special attention is paid, by way of a
The Galilean covariance of quantum mechanics in the case of external fields
Textbook treatments of the Galilean covariance of the time-dependent Schrodinger equation for a spinless particle seem invariably to cover the case of a free particle or one in the presence of a
On the role of special relativity in general relativity
Abstract The existence of a definite tangent space structure (metric with Lorentzian signature) in the general theory of relativity is the consequence of a fundamental assumption concerning the local