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Exemplification in communication: The influence of case reports on the perception of issues.
EXEMPLIFICATION IN COMMUNICATION: THE INFLUENCE OF CASE REPORTS ON THE PERCEPTION OF ISSUES by Dolf Zillman and Hans-Bernd Brosius (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates “LEA’s CommunicationExpand
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The Utility of Exemplars in Persuasive Communications
Media accounts typically employ two types of information: (a) general statements about the range or importance of a problem (base-rate information), and (b) illustrative individual cases (exemplars)Expand
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Exploring the Social and Sexual "Reality" of Contemporary Pornography
What are the social roles assumed by men and women in contemporary sexually explicit movies, and in what contexts are their actions portrayed? Perhaps more important, have the predominant themes ofExpand
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Readers’ perception of computer-generated news: Credibility, expertise, and readability
We conducted an online experiment to study people’s perception of automated computer-written news. Using a 2 × 2 × 2 design, we varied the article topic (sports, finance; within-subjects) and bothExpand
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Processing the News: How People Tame the Information Tide
Doris A. Graber (*1923 in St. Louis) gehort zu den profiliertesten Forscherinnen im Bereich der politischen Kommunikation. In ihrem Schlusselwerk „Processing the News. How People Tame the InformationExpand
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Instrumental Actualization: A Theory of Mediated Conflicts
Mediated conflicts are controversies between at least two parties who exchange information and arguments indirectly by the mass media. The discourse in mediated conflicts is influenced by its publicExpand
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Mirror or Molder? A Study of Media Coverage, Stock Prices, and Trading Volumes in Germany
This article investigates the short-term relationship between media coverage, stock prices, and trading volumes of eight listed German companies. A content analysis of news reports about the selectedExpand
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Research Note: The Influence of Exemplars on Recipients' Judgements
Exemplars are short quotations (verbal or visual) from concerned or interested people that illustrate a particular problem or a particular view on a problem. They are frequently used in journalismExpand
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How do text‐picture relations affect the informational effectiveness of television newscasts?
The following study investigates the influence of text‐picture relations on the communication of information by television news. Specifically, it is aimed at comparing the effects of so‐calledExpand
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