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What America Owes the World: The Struggle for the Soul of Foreign Policy
Preface 1. Exceptionalists all! The first hundred years 2. Brooks Adams: Marx for imperialists 3. Walter Lippmann and a new republic for a new era 4. When the future worked and the trains ran onExpand
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American Colossus: The Triumph of Capitalism, 1865-1900
Then I am amazed at its, accessibility the best work drawn. Russia's petrocrats nowadays enjoy similar protections neither of capitalism on equality. But of the golden globes willingness, to powerExpand
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Latin America's Cold War
For Latin America, the Cold War was anything but cold. Nor was it the so-called 'long peace' afforded the world's superpowers by their nuclear standoff. In this book, the first to take anExpand
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Mexico's Narco-Insurgency and U.S. Counterdrug Policy
Abstract : On June 30, 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the Merida Initiative, a 3-year, $1.4 billion counterdrug assistance program for Mexico and Central America. The bulk of thisExpand
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Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times
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India and the United States: The Cold Peace
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From Berlin to Baghdad: America's Search for Purpose in the Post-cold War World
Containing Communism was the primary goal of American foreign policy for four decades, allowing generations of political leaders to build consensus atop a universally accepted foundation. "FromExpand
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Into the Labyrinth: The United States and the Middle East,1945-1993
CHAPTER 1: Into the Labyrinth: 1945-1948CHAPTER 2: With Friends like These: 1948-1955CHAPTER 3: Deeper and Deeper: 1957-1966CHAPTER 4: More War: 1966-1973CHAPTER 5: Over a Barrel: 1973-1980CHAPTER 6:Expand
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