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Studies on cytokinin-controlled bud formation in moss protonemata.
Autoradiographs of protonemata treated with a labeled cytokinin, benzyladenine-benzyl-7-(14)C, show a striking accumulation of the radioactivity in caulonema cells which are in the stage of bud formation, and in the buds themselves. Expand
Studies on the distribution and properties of a new class of cell division--promoting substances from higher plant species.
Unequivocal evidence is presented to show that the nicotinamide derivatives do not owe their biological activity to contamination by 6-substituted purine cytokinins. Expand
Transition Metal Allyls, V. The Preparation and Structure of [NiX(PmenthylR1R2)(η3-allyl)] Complexes
A number of adducts formed by reacting [NiX(η3-allyl)]2 complexes with optically active tert.- phosphines, in which optically active centres are found both at the phosphorus atom and in aExpand
Transition Metal Allyls , V The Preparation and Structure of [ NiX ( PmenthylR 1 R 2 ) ( i 7 3-allyl ) ] Complexes
für Naturforschung in cooperation with the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Dieses Werk wurde im Jahr 2013 vom VerlagExpand
Crosslinking agents as active-site probes for phosphoribulokinase (PRK)
The light-dependent, thioredoxin-mediated activation of plant PRK, discovered by B.B. Buchanan and colleagues, entails reduction of an intra-subunit disulfide at the active site composed of Cys16 andExpand
[Multicentric study with the corticoid-free anti-hemorrhoid drug Factu].
  • H. Brandes
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  • ZFA. Zeitschrift fur Allgemeinmedizin
  • 10 February 1980
Extranuclear sites of action in UV-irradiatedFunaria hygrometrica
The authors conclude that the site of the primary radiation effect is situated mainly outside the nucleus and that it may be a damage of the m-RNA, r-RNA or of membranes. Expand
[The mechanism of kinetin action on bud induction in the protonemata of mosses].
Investigations on uptake and distribution of phenylalanine show that the availability of protein-building material is not the limiting factor during kinetin-induced differentiation, and under optimal growth conditions, no differences in RNA content could be found even after 48 hours of Kinetin treatment. Expand