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Strigolactone inhibition of shoot branching
A carotenoid-derived hormonal signal that inhibits shoot branching in plants has long escaped identification. Strigolactones are compounds thought to be derived from carotenoids and are known toExpand
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The Path from β-Carotene to Carlactone, a Strigolactone-Like Plant Hormone
Making Carlactone Germination of parasitic witchweeds depends on strigolactones, which also regulate plant branching and signal in the context of mycorrhizal symbioses. The biosynthetic pathways thatExpand
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Terpenoid Metabolism in Wild-Type and Transgenic Arabidopsis Plants Online version contains Web-only data. Article, publication date, and citation information can be found at
Volatile components, such as terpenoids, are emitted from aerial parts of plants and play a major role in the interaction between plants and their environment. Analysis of the composition andExpand
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Genetic Engineering of Terpenoid Metabolism Attracts Bodyguards to Arabidopsis
Herbivore-damaged plants release complex mixtures of volatiles that attract natural enemies of the herbivore. To study the relevance of individual components of these mixtures for predatorExpand
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Physiological Effects of the Synthetic Strigolactone Analog GR24 on Root System Architecture in Arabidopsis: Another Belowground Role for Strigolactones?1[C][W][OA]
In this study, the role of the recently identified class of phytohormones, strigolactones, in shaping root architecture was addressed. Primary root lengths of strigolactone-deficient and -insensitiveExpand
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Identification of the SAAT Gene Involved in Strawberry Flavor Biogenesis by Use of DNA Microarrays
Fruit flavor is a result of a complex mixture of numerous compounds. The formation of these compounds is closely correlated with the metabolic changes occurring during fruit maturation. Here, weExpand
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Gain and Loss of Fruit Flavor Compounds Produced by Wild and Cultivated Strawberry Species
The blends of flavor compounds produced by fruits serve as biological perfumes used to attract living creatures, including humans. They include hundreds of metabolites and vary in theirExpand
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The Strigolactone Germination Stimulants of the Plant-Parasitic Striga and Orobanche spp. Are Derived from the Carotenoid Pathway1
The seeds of parasitic plants of the genera Striga and Orobanche will only germinate after induction by a chemical signal exuded from the roots of their host. Up to now, several of these germinationExpand
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Tomato strigolactones are derived from carotenoids and their biosynthesis is promoted by phosphate starvation.
* Strigolactones are rhizosphere signalling compounds that mediate host location in arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi and parasitic plants. Here, the regulation of the biosynthesis of strigolactonesExpand
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Redefining seed dormancy: an attempt to integrate physiology and ecology
Summary 1 The paper reviews the literature on seed dormancy, with special regard to incon­ sistencies in terms and definitions used. It presents a concept of seed dormancy in which physiology andExpand
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