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Connectionist Speech Recognition: A Hybrid Approach
From the Publisher: Connectionist Speech Recognition: A Hybrid Approach describes the theory and implementation of a method to incorporate neural network approaches into state-of-the-art continuous
Microphone array post-filter based on noise field coherence
A more general expression of the post-filter estimation is developed based on an assumed knowledge of the complex coherence of the noise field that can be used to construct a more appropriate post- filter in a variety of different noise fields.
A mew ASR approach based on independent processing and recombination of partial frequency bands
  • H. Bourlard, S. Dupont
  • Computer Science
    Proceeding of Fourth International Conference on…
  • 3 October 1996
The preliminary results presented in this paper show that such an approach, even using quite simple recombination strategies, can yield at least comparable performance on clean speech while providing better robustness in the case of noisy speech.
On the Use of Information Retrieval Measures for Speech Recognition Evaluation
It is suggested that posing speech recognition evaluation as an information retrieval problem, where each word is one unit of information, offers a flexible framework for application-oriented performance analysis based on the concepts of recall and precision.
Robust speaker change detection
A criterion which can be used to identify speaker changes in an audio stream without such tuning is presented, which consists of calculating the LLR of two models with the same number of parameters.
Modeling human interaction in meetings
This paper investigates the recognition of group actions in meetings by modeling the joint behaviour of participants using HMM-based approaches and initial results demonstrate the ability of the system to recognise the set of meeting actions.
Continuous speech recognition by connectionist statistical methods
The authors review the basic principles of their hybrid HMM/MLP approach and describe a series of improvements that are analogous to the system modifications instituted for the leading conventional HMM systems over the last few years.