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[The fibroblast].
The fibroblast, major cell of connective tissue, secretes the various elements of interstitium: collagens, proelastin, glycoproteins and proteoglycans. It maintains the turnover of these structuresExpand
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[Arterial vascularization of the normal and the pathological prostate].
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Collagen of the normal and the varicose human saphenous vein: a biochemical study.
Various types of collagen (I, III, IV, V) were identified in normal and varicose human saphenous veins using pepsin digestion and cyanogen bromide digestion followed by SDS-polyacrylamide gelExpand
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Skin cholesterol and skin apoprotein B in atherosclerosis.
In order to quantify the accumulation of apoprotein B in skin we determined the amount of apo B in the skin of atherosclerotic patients using a modified Hoff's method with extraction andExpand
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Age Related Changes of the Middle Cerebral Artery and a Comparison With the Radial and Coronary Artery
Seventy-two middle cerebral arteries were taken at routine autopsy. The ages of the 28 females and 44 males concerned were classified in decades from birth to the ninth decade (Table 1). Two 1 cmExpand
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Age-Related Morphological Changes of the Arterial Wall
The arterial system, formed by the division of the aorta into a large number of distributing and irrigating arteries of decreasing diameter, has a uniform basic wall structure, consisting of theExpand
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[Collagens of the internal saphenous vein, normal and varicose, as a function of age].
The normal venous vein contains more collagen in the young subject than in the ageing subject. This is confirmed by the decrease of thickness of aged venous wall indicating that the fibrosis presentExpand
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Diffuse storage of vegetal wax hydrocarbons of dietary origin. Pathologic and chemical findings in a case.
A 55-year-old man died suddenly, after presenting with unstable angina and an asymptomatic micronodular pulmonary pattern. Autopsy revealed storage of a crystallized fatty substance in the lymphExpand
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Aortic lathyrism and atheroma in the rat by prolonged hyperlipidic diet.
Constant, deep, extensive aortic atheroma can be induced in rats that are athero-resistant. Two main factors are involved in this experimentation: (1) Parietal alteration following chronicExpand
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Aortic lathyrism: ultrastructural study of lesions in the aortic wall and the protective effect of pyridinol carbamate.
Electron-microscopic examination of aortas of rat treated orally and chronically with β-aminopropionitrile (BAPN) has shown progressive lesions in the elastic framework. This is associated withExpand
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