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Organic photochromism (IUPAC Technical Report)
This technical report is a general introduction to organic photochromism. The definition of photochromism (PC) is given together with that of words with the ending "chromism", such as thermo-,Expand
Photochromism : molecules and systems
Photophysical, Photochemical and Photokinetic Properties of Photochromic Systems, G. Gauglitz. Photochromism Based on "E-Z" Isomerization of Double Bonds: CIS-trans isomerization of C=C double bonds,Expand
Glossary of Terms used in Photochemistry
This chapter presents a Glossary that was prepared by the Photochemistry Commission of the Organic Chemistry Division of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry during the period 1978-1985 to achieve consensus on the adoption of some definitions and on the abandonment of inadequate terms. Expand
Photodimerization of anthracenes in fluid solution:structural aspects
Owing to their versatile photophysical and photochemical properties, anthracene and its derivatives are being employed in many systems, for instance as energy migration probes in polymers, tripletExpand
Photodimerization of anthracenes in fluid solutions: (part 2) mechanistic aspects of the photocycloaddition and of the photochemical and thermal cleavage
One of the classics in photochemistry, the photodimerization of anthracenes can be considered as a paradigm of the photocycloaddition of non saturated hydrocarbons. The historical steps of theExpand
A novel small molecular luminescent gelling agent for alcohols
2,3-Bis-n-decyloxyanthracene can form thermoreversible gels with alcohols at very low concentrations; electronic absorption spectra and fluorescence emission studies suggest that the network of theExpand
From anthracene photodimerization to jaw photochromic materials and photocrowns
The inter and intramolecular photochemical reactions of anthracenes in the absence of oxygen is discussed. The intermolecular photodimerization of 9-substituted anthracenes in fluid solution usuallyExpand
Anthraceno-cryptands: a new class of cation-complexing macrobicyclic fluorophores
Des ethylenedioxydiethylenes dioxadiaza [14]- et [16] anthracenophanes (A) sont etudies. Les electrons non apparies de l'azote forment avec le noyau anthracene des exciplexes intramoleculaires. CesExpand
Different synthetic routes towards efficient organogelators: 2,3-substituted anthracenes
Abstract Three synthetic approaches towards 2,3-substituted anthracenes are reported and discussed in terms of selectivity and viability. This allowed us to introduce a variety of substituents asExpand
Bis(isoquinoline N-oxide) pincers as a new type of metal cation dual channel fluorosensor.
A new type of donor-spacer-acceptor podand system has been synthesized and proved as an efficient dual channel fluorosensor for Li+, Mg2+, and Ca2+. Expand