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Impact of Soil Structure on Microwave Volume Scattering Evaluated by a Two-Dimensional Numerical Model
We use a 2-D numerical model to represent the microwave backscattering results from cloddy soils. Expand
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Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of a Capacitance Probe
In this study, a three-dimensional model represents a capacitance probe measurement. It is based on Laplace's equation, which is solved using the Finite Element Method. A three-dimensional model canExpand
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Application of the Parallel Computing Technology to a Wave Front Model Using the Finite Element Method
The Time Domain Reflectometry probe is a new technique applied to moisture measurement. Expand
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Comparative study of a stalagmite sample by stratigraphy, laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy, EPR spectrometry and reflectance imaging
Abstract In the last few years, it has been shown that multi-proxy data are recorded in speleothems and that these secondary deposits can be used to retrieve records of environmental evolution inExpand
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Numerical Model of Complex Porous Media
In complex porous media we often notice a percolation phenomenon [KIR 71] [GRI 89]. Usually these media present discontinuous characteristics and a random space distribution [LET 00] [BIR 95]. ThereExpand
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Electromagnetic wave propagation in polarizable wet media : application to a TDR probe
The time domain reflectometry (TDR) probe is a technique applied to soil moisture measurement. This probe is a waveguide composed of two or three parallel metallic rods inserted in the ground,Expand
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Simulation of a Compressible Flow by the Finite Element Method Using a General Parallel Computing Approach
We have developed a coherent set of techniques for parallel computing. Expand
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A Numerical Tool for Transmission Lines
We present here an efficient numerical tool for electric line simulation in complex configurations, based on the Finite Element Method. Expand
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Modeling of Electromagnetic Waves in Media with Dirac Distribution of Electric Properties
  • A. Chambarel, H. Bolvin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • International Conference on Computational Science
  • 22 May 2005
We develop a new numerical approach of the electromagnetic wave propagation in a complex media model based on TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) which appears as a wave guide. Expand
Cellular Model of Complex Porous Media Application to Permeability Determination
In soil science we need complex porous media models. Usually these media present discontinuous characteristics with random space distribution. So we propose to study a medium based on a cellularExpand