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Serum selenium in melanoma and epidermotropic cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
The prognostic value of selenium assays in the follow-up of melanoma and CTCL is demonstrated and is higher in C TCL with good response to treatment than in those without response. Expand
[Changes in cutaneous zinc during skin aging].
Zinc might play an important role in the development of alterations in keratinocytes with aging, and a low epidermal zinc level might induce, by itself, a fall in enzyme activities. Expand
Concentrations of lead, magnesium, calcium, zinc and cadmium in twenty rabbit tissues after exposure to low lead doses and atherogenic diet.
Rabbits in groups III and IV showed notable histopathological alterations in aorta, carotid and femoral arteries, left ventricle and liver, and lead concentrations were higher in the kidneys and spleen in groups II and IV. Expand
Zinc salts effects on granulocyte zinc concentration and chemotaxis in acne patients.
The study of granulocyte zinc levels and in vitro polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemotaxis in 20 acne patients suggests that zinc anti-inflammatory action is related to inhibition of polymorphon Nuclear Leukocyte Chemotaxis induced by a decreased granulocytes zinc level. Expand
Determination of total mercury in human hair samples by cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry.
A procedure for the determination of mercury in human hair by cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry with a new reaction vessel was developed and evaluated and the recovery percentage of mercury from human hair digest samples using the peak height method was 102 +/- 2.2%. Expand
[A technic for the microdetermination of ethanol in the blood by vapor phase chromatography].
Hematological findings among styrene-exposed workers in the reinforced plastics industry
A cross-sectional survey of hematological parameters was carried out among 221 workers exposed to styrene in the reinforced plastics industry and 104 controls, suggestive of a direct effect of styrene-exposure on the statistical distribution of some hematology parameters. Expand
[Levels of lead, cadmium and mercury in the hair of inhabitants of the Nantes and Grenoble areas].
The authors have found no relation between metal levels and age of persons, but lead content is high in the hair of people under ten, and it seems that the use of tobacco is without influence. Expand
Air pollution due to «Do-it-yourself» activities at home
In comparison with the intoxication hazards in the professional field, those due to craftwork at home seem to be subject to three aggravation factors: the lack of knowledge of users, insufficient technical prevention and the absence of medical or toxicological control. Expand