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Commercialisation of biofuel industry in Africa: A review
Diversification of energy sources, agricultural activities and a higher percentage of locally produced energy are goals that can be satisfied by biofuels. Biofuels such as biogas, biodiesel, andExpand
A review of assessments conducted on bio-ethanol as a transportation fuel from a net energy, greenhouse gas, and environmental life cycle perspective
Interest in producing ethanol from biomass in an attempt to make transportation ecologically sustainable continues to grow. In recent years, a large number of assessments have been conducted toExpand
Predicting the costs of biodiesel production in Africa: learning from Germany
Germany's existing biodiesel production plants had a total annual biodiesel capacity of more than 3 million tonnes (Mt) in 2006, while most of the countries in Africa have just initiated a firstExpand
A life-cycle comparison between inorganic and biological catalysis for the production of biodiesel
Life cycle assessment (LCA) has been used to compare inorganic and biological catalysis for the production of biodiesel by transesterification. The inorganic route, using catalysis by sodiumExpand
A comparison of the environmental benefits of bagasse-derived electricity and fuel ethanol on a life-cycle basis
Abstract The energetic utilisation of agricultural residues is considered to be an important element in any strategy to achieve renewable energy targets. In the approximately 80 cane-sugar producingExpand
A cleaner production assessment of the ultra-fine coal waste generated in South Africa
The South African coal mining industry is currently disposing of about 10 million tons of ultra-fine coal (<150 i?½m) per year. Once discarded, these sulphur-containing ultra-fines contribute toExpand
Life-cycle assessments in the South African water sector: A review and future challenges
This paper reviews South African water sector life-cycle assessments (LCAs) and develops a position on how this tool could be strategically employed in the future. It summarises the studiesExpand
Converting plant biomass to fuels and commodity chemicals in South Africa: a third chapter?
There have been two distinct chapters in the history of converting cellulosic biomass to fuels and commodity chemicals in South Africa. The first chapter, fromthe late 1970s to the early 1990s,Expand
Global Warming Potential and Fossil-Energy Requirements of Biodiesel Production Scenarios in South Africa
Life cycle assessment has been used to investigate the global warming potential (GWP) and fossil-energy requirements of the production of biodiesel from canola (oilseed rape), soybean, and sunflowerExpand
Investigation of scale economies for African biogas installations
Biogas technology can serve as a means to overcome energy poverty, which poses a constant barrier to economic development in Africa. This technology can be built on a wide range of scales, andExpand