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Effects of a high-protein meal (meat) and a high-carbohydrate meal (vegetarian) on satiety measured by automated computerized monitoring of subsequent food intake, motivation to eat and food
We have examined the effects on satiety of equicaloric meals with different protein and carbohydrate content. Twenty normal weight healthy women were served cooked lunch meals made of commonly usedExpand
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Personality traits in women 4 days postpartum and their correlation with plasma levels of oxytocin and prolactin
The aim of the present investigation was to explore whether the personality characteristics of women who have recently given birth differ from those of a control group of similar aged women and ifExpand
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Plasma concentrations of regulatory peptides in obseity following modified sham feeding (MSF) and a liquid test meal
Plasma concentrations of regulatory peptides were monitored in groups of obese and normal-weight subjects following modified sham feeding and a liquid fatty meal. Following modified sham feeding aExpand
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Long term treatment of severe obesity: four year follow up of results of combined behavioural modification programme.
A four year programme of treatment for severe obesity combining standard techniques such as behavioural modification, exercise, nutritional advice, and, in addition, readmission of patients whoExpand
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Early and late effects of weight loss on lipoprotein metabolism in severe obesity.
In a group of grossly obese patients serum lipoproteins and the intravenous fat tolerance test were analysed before a weight reduction program (n = 98), after 6 weeks (n = 58) and 1 year (n = 15). AtExpand
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Neuropeptides of the autonomic nervous system in Sjögren’s syndrome
OBJECTIVE To assess the activity level of the autonomic nervous system in Sjögren’s syndrome (SS) and to correlate this with stress. METHODS Patients with SS (n=12) and healthy controls (n=10) wereExpand
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Fatty acid composition in serum lipids and adipose tissue in severe obesity before and after six weeks of weight loss.
Fatty acid composition was studied in 25 grossly obese patients (mean weight 116 +/- 21 (s.d.) kg) before and after 6 weeks of treatment with a combined program consisting of diet, behavioralExpand
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Long-term effects of jaw fixation in severe obesity.
Weight-loss pattern was analysed in 26 grossly overweight patients after jaw fixation. During a mean fixation time of seven months (range 1.5 to 18 months), mean weight loss in females was 19.3 +/-Expand
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Long-term effects of commonly available weight reducing programmes in Sweden.
A majority of people attempting to lose weight will use methods that do not involve medical expertise or professional organizations. Consumer organizations continually have problems with so-calledExpand
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Obesity, weight loss, and dietary restraint
The Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire was administered to 88 men and women following behavioral treatment for obesity and to a comparison group of 16 obese and 60 normal weight persons. TreatedExpand
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